Splitbreed Raindaince Bud Light 21 Tour At Las Vegas Pool Party

In a modern age of urban gang culture and hip-hop music, there finally comes an authentic tribe named SPLITBREED. This unique band continues a legacy of hardcore musical talent, Polynesian warrior spirit, pop-sensibility and blood ties. Real blood ties!

SPLITBREED is made up of two performing artists, brothers Kalani and Taui Moe, in close collaboration with Joey Mo’e, their cousin, as their main feature artist.

All three descended from island entertainment royalty, grandsons of pioneers of Hawaiian music. Music and storytelling is in their genes.

Kalani and Taui and grew up in Hawaii, then eight years ago SPLITBREED chose to make their home in the melting pot that is Las Vegas. They have since grown a healthy fan base, from performances in the most popular venues in Las Vegas, followed by their recent show success in Honolulu, Hawaii, on the roof tops of paradise. Their name is fast growing global recognition, from the US all the way across the pond to Europe.

SB’s number one feature artist Joey, was a raised and currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Where he has now become a star in the European R & B scene, as a singer, song writer, producer, his recent successes awarded by The Voice, Denmark in 2009; Artist of the Year, and awarded Platinum for his single YoYo, along with YoYo reaching 1million views on Youtube.

Not only are the Moe’s alike in physical stature; tall, tanned, Hapa princes with flashing smiles of their ancestors. Similar life experience of being exposed to a variety of people and cultures has given the Mo’e boys the ability to appeal to the masses through their music.

SPLITBREED is an undeniable force of sound made up of the Moe tribe. But it is also shaped by the personal traits of its components. Kalani Moe brings a fiery energy, with lyrical passion and booming voice that rises from the depths of his soul. With the contrast of Taui Moe, who brings his intense, slick, simmering wit and poetic intelligence to the mix. While Joey Mo’e highlights with his amazing superstar singing range. All the Mo’e boys are skilled performers and producers.

Their genre is hard to label, their positive sound mixes Hip-Hop, Dance, R&B and Electro. A fresh take on a style of music that has cultured the heart on modern culture. An urban outcry with a difference. SPLITBREED is tempered by a real message of hope and lust for life.

You can find more SPLITBREED Music and videos at http://www.facebook.com/splitbreed BOLA TANGKAS