Sports Awards: Epitomizing Your Pride

It is always a matter of a great deal of prestige when one receives an award. All areas of life hold a special award. One such area is sports. Sports are a competitive and skilful physical activity. There have been many awards introduced as a part of the Prize Giving Ceremony in Sports, all across the world. Different countries have different kinds of awards, trophies and monuments for their Sports heroes. Sports awards hold a great deal of respect in the hearts of all country men. The various World famous Sports awards are: 9 Olympic Cup (In all Sports) 10 Olympic Medals (In all Sports) 11 Basketball Hall Of Fame 12 International Grandmasters (In Chess) 13 Allan Border Medal (In Cricket) 14 Super Bowl (In American Football) 15 Davis Cup and Wimbledon Open (In Tennis) 16 Commonwealth Games Prize distribution Ceremony (including distribution of awards to the best Sportsmen from all areas of sports) 17 FIFA World Cup (In Football)

TROPHY ENGRAVING & RECOGNITION AWARDS There are many Trophy shops in the market that lets you select from a wide range of trophies and select your own Trophy engraving. Trophy engraving is a procedure where a blank trophy is used to engrave a word or phrase of your choice. In a trophy shop, Trophy engraving can be done using laser engraving, electronic-pen engraving, engraving glass, et cetera. Trophy engraving also helps in creating recognition awards. Recognition awards are personalized trophies or awards that go out to the winner of a club competition, to teachers, employees of a company, et cetera. Recognition awards can be made only with the help of Trophy engraving, though there are many that do not have any engravings on them also. Usually, Recognition awards go out to the best employee of a company or a teacher who has achieved special appreciation in school or even School Meets (like Quizzes, Debates, and Annual Sports Meets). Apart from this, there is another series of awards that is known as Corporate Awards. Such awards recognize the achievement of employees in the corporate sector. Crystal awards, glass awards, clocks, cups, frames, gavels and gavel sets are engraved to make these trophies. Corporate awards concentrate upon the achievements of an employee or a set of employees and sometimes even that of a part of a company. Therefore, we see how such Trophy engraving is such a common process that includes very efficient labor and intricate engraving of phrases or words, making it possible for the distribution of many awards like corporate awards, sports awards, health awards, et cetera.