Sports Marketing To Get Rid Of “used” To Go Out

Middle of this month, American basketball player Kevin? Garnett had a 4-day visit to China, in Beijing and Shanghai visit is attracting attention of many fans. In fact, Garnett purpose of his trip to China, said that customs had to sell shoes. He spared no effort for his new shoes KG3 doing propaganda, succeeded in attracting fans of the eye.

Familiar brand in China Every summer and winter vacations to China, a group of brand new sporting goods abroad will flock to his well-designed products to market.

Time sporting goods manufacturer in China will launch “own” products, but these goods leads people to have a sense of deja vu. Nike’s Shox, Zoomair, Adidas’s a3 sports shoes such as the core technology will always appear in some of China’s brand of products. Even the appearance of a domestic brand too lazy to change, the American sports brand AND1 logo replaced their listing, and just a few days later than the others, but two products on the technical content of unimaginable. Does not know AND1 from insignificant to become an internationally influential brand only two years time, the root causes of its success is individuality. This is the price of the domestic sports brand lower than the foreign brands more than half, still no one is interested reasons. The appearance of domestic brands can do the “shape”, it is difficult to achieve the technical level of the “spirit likeness.”

The phenomenon of mixed Anta Difference is that the domestic sports brand Anta do not blindly follow other manufacturers of “cloning” technology, and go their own way a?? Actively sponsored the Chinese national team over the project to enhance its image and influence.

CBA before the start of last season, ANTA and the Chinese Basketball Association signed a long 3 years, 60 million yuan worth of contracts, bought the CBA the only specified the right equipment. This means that apart from a few other brands of players under contract, the remaining players without exception, CBA will be put on the uniform and shoes match Anta. But many players do not appreciate, in the CBA last season, the games, we often see many players wearing a pair of feet in the shoes of other brands, trademarks covered with tape phenomenon.

Why? Anta shoes are not bad, but a single species. Technically, Anta all unified by their own basketball shoe developed “core” technology as the core technology. To provide shoes for the players divided into three, back shoes, shoes and center forward shoes. This is hundreds of CBA athletes, is not such a simple division. Athletes according to their height, weight, physical fitness, field position, and many other factors to choose their own shoes. Foreign brands of sports shoes will be the basis of these factors, using various technologies for their design contract for each player of their own shoes.

Anta if you want to be convinced to put on his shoes, must be in the shoes of the technological content and features of innovation efforts, not just shouting support for national industry.

“Going out” strategy of Li Ning

Li Ning is China’s largest sports brand. Its vision is not limited to the domestic, but broader overseas markets.

2004 Olympic Games in Athens, the Spanish men’s basketball team sportswear trademark chest is not foreign brands, but China’s Li Ning, which attracted international media attention. Although not much money, but received very good results.

Li Ning, and therefore understand that the “going out” important. NBA players in 2005 with Damon? Jones signing, He received his order to the first active NBA player to sign and Chinese brand Li Ning to Jones designed the splendid “Flying A” basketball shoes.

Damon? Jones is just an ordinary NBA player, but because of NBA international attention with high degree, we can see that Li Ning to the international market, the intention is to gradually get familiar with people abroad, and understand the brand Li Ning.

Still two years away from the Beijing Olympic Games, whether it is a mixed Anta phenomenon, or “going out” strategy of Li Ning, should the domestic brands of athletic shoes, some enlightenment. Today, Garnett came to China to sell shoes, we feel the pressure from the international brands at the same time, it might be done: achieving independent innovation, get rid of the original “used.” Only in this way, our sports industry to shine in Beijing Olympics, blossom everywhere. Comment Large   In   Small