Starting With Marketing Academy Week Two

Dean Holland’s Starting With Marketing Academy presents a 6 week crash course on Online Marketing for Newbies.

Week Two in Dean Holland’s Starting With Marketing Academy was uploaded last week in the form of 5 short web videos. This week’s topic: “Social Slaughter”. While couched in warlike metaphor, the idea is that the Web 2.0 methods of communication are great tools to grow business.

From the description of the week’s topic :”Prepare to learn about social media …. What it is, where to use it and the CORRECT way to use it.”

So this new, more casual form of communication and sharing like interests, hobbies, family and friends presents itself in several ways: Twitter, Blogs, MySpace and Facebook (arguably there are more such as LinkedIn but Dean focused on two of the best).

Twitter, the quaint online / phone texting communication program has exploded in popularity and Dean notes the ability to build relationships through Twitter traffic. After creating my Twitter account I had 10 followers (Twitter account holders who want to keep up with my postings). Some were classmates, others “spammers” or whatever they call sales zombies greeting you with a hard core sales pitch in their first introduction to you.

Emphasized strongly in class lesson videos was the concept of “marketing not selling” and how much tweeting of directly blatant business solicitation might just lose you a follower.

The second social networking tool Dean recommends is the blog. During Week One we procured web hosting and then were given instruction on setting up a blog, in most cases using our names as domain names. The blog is the beginning of branding, communicating with followers and presenting expert commentary that provides valuable insight, opinion and expertise.

Dean also presented some bonus video–three clips from Perry Belcher on building Twitter traffic.

In summary, social networking, social marketing and the ability to perform a “social slaughter” in using Twitter, blogging and other social media to promote making money online is a must -have tool in one’s success kit in Starting with Marketing.