Starting Your Own Rose Garden – Tips and Trips to Get You Going

If you are about to start with a rose garden, you might think that it’s too daunting for you at first. One thing you could do is go to  your local garden center and be inspired. You will see what seeing so many colors, sizes, different types of roses will do to your creativity.

Each of these roses have a special characteristic not found in another type, and each of them is best used in a particular landscape. However, all roses love sunlight, no matter of their differences. So when you are choosing a place for your rose garden, make sure that it has plenty of sunlight per day, preferably 5-6 hours at a time.

Then you need to really think about your rose garden. For example spend some time envisioning the different types and color combinations that go together. If you have a nice variety of colors, it is much more pleasing to the eyes than a boring one type / one color mix. So you need to be aware of the color schemes available. For example you can check in various catalogs, magazines, online magazines, whatever inspires you. You need to plan your garden carefully before you actually start designing it.

When you’re really there, when you’ve started your rose garden, you need to pay attention to a few things. For example, you need to clean your garden on a regular basis. What this means is simply keeping the fallen leaves, including various other debris away from the roots of the rose, because this way you can not only water the plants directly at the roots, but you will also get the additional benefit of keeping problems such as fungus in check.

Feed your rose bushes throughout their flowering season because this will keep your plant healthy when the dormant time comes. You can use various fertilizers, they are all good, but you need to remember that following directions on the bottle will yield you the best results.