Staying Positive & Successful – Watering Your Dreams With Trust and Belief

Forging new paths always involves trust. How many times have you given up wonderful experiences and opportunities because of doubt and fear? Even when you were first inspired to grab those experiences and opportunities, sometimes you let the fear and doubt take over. You let those negative emotions change your mind.

You decided not to take the opportunities and experiences life put in your path. Like talking to a certain someone, taking a lower paying job that you would have loved more (which probably would have led to something better because when you do what you love, the abundance follows), failing to tell someone you love them, not doing something you’ve always dreamed of that’s “out of your comfort zone”?

We’ve all done it, but if you want to create the life you desire, you’ve got to cultivate trust in yourself. By being aware of your inner self talk, you do have the ability to turn the momentum around. You can let the Universe bring the perfect people, wonderful opportunities into your experience. You just have to TRUST the Universe and open your eyes to what it’s bringing you. And then not allow the fear to get in the way.

Decide to TRUST a little bit more, and doubt a little bit less.

Think of what you DO want to create in your life as a seed that you’re planting. You have to water it with your trust, your belief, and your faith. Feed the trust with positive attention and actions and see what wonderful experiences and opportunities you create!

Deciding to live big and follow your dreams is scary, not just for you but for people around you who are allowing fear and doubt to control them. Remember to water the seeds of your dreams with positive nutrients so they can flower into something beautiful.