Steering Clear Of The Refrigerator

She would sit inside all day with a  bottle of Diet Coke on one side and a bag of potato chips in her lap. What was worse is that she didn’t care to work out. Those were dark months for her, but the bad habits that she learned from leading a sedentary lifestyle would soon catch up to her and prove much too difficult to break.
We all know people like this. Perhaps, you have gone through a hardship or some other traumatic event in your life that has caused you to turn to your refrigerator for comfort. For instance, when we are emotional about something, we will often turn to food to comfort us. Perhaps, there was a special recipe that our moms used to make for us when we were children such as chocolate chip cookies or apple pie or a casserole. Perhaps we turn to food for some other reason. One thing is for sure though; if you do not exercise but you continue to eat, you will gain weight, and it will negatively affect your health.
So, what do we do in a predicament like this. Today, my friend still struggles with her weight. After trying diets and failing every time, she has now turned towards having surgery to essentially make  her stomach smaller so that she cannot house as much food. But did it really need to come to this. Remember, that when you diet, you cannot just rely on dieting alone. Rather, to reap the full benefits, you should diet and exercise. Develop healthy eating habits. Stock your refrigerator with things that will make you feel good long after you have consumed them. If you are unsure as to what sorts of things you should be keeping in your refrigerator, seek the counsel of a nutritionist or perhaps a psychiatrist.
Another reason why people turn to their refrigerators is because they are home too much! Get out and do something active. For example, join a sports team or a group of some sort. Get outside and get some fresh air. When you go to the store, park your car as far away as possible so that you are forced to walk. Don’t feel as if you cannot go out to eat at restaurants. Rather, just be smarter about what you order. When your food comes out, also ask for a doggie bag immediately and portion your food accordingly so that you can still have some of what you want but just not quite as much of it. You will feel satisfied and much less guilty later on when you get home.
The most important thing to remember is to get outside and do SOMETHING. Don’t allow yourself to become a couch potato in front of the television. Stock your home with healthy snacks and keep your goals written and posted where you can see them to remind yourself of the continued progress that you are making.