Sterilite Storage Containers, best for organizing your kitchen

There are a lot of brand options out there for storing and organizing almost all types of household items you can think of. There are three of the most popular Sterilite storage containers which can answer your need for a practical, flexible storage, and reasonably priced storage solution. While other storage containers are built for just one type of storage purpose, these containers can easily accommodate whatever you want to store and organize.

16 Quarts Sterilite Storage Container:

This see-through storage box actually works wonders, because you can effortlessly identify all your contents inside. Its end panels are a bit hollowed to conveniently transport them. The secure grip lids protect all contents inside. You will see some indentations on the lids which allow you to stack several units on top of each other. The lid snaps on quickly and stays put. There may be hard time doing this with other huge storage containers because of the extra effort to lock the lids. This is your no-frills most trusted storage container that stores just about anything, from shoes, clothes, books, CDs, food, etc.

Sterilite Under-bed Storage Box:

From the name itself you can understand that they are specifically designed to fit right under the bed. It also can be tucked in on wide shelves. You can use them to store those huge jackets or other pieces of clothes, spare totes and other accessories that may no longer fit in to your closet and just keep them somewhere accessible. They are extremely handy to store those non-seasonal outfits. Just like the 16 quarts Sterilite storage box, you can actually stack them and the latches secures firmly. It can hold several items at a time but you do not overcrowd it. They are not as hallow as the other storage bins so retrieving them under the bed is so easy. You can also use it to store maternity clothes, scrapbook and other craft supplies, seasonal decorations, costumes, accessories like gloves or mitts, linens like napkins, table cloths, store photo album and other memorabilia collections which you may want to store temporarily.

Sterilite Clear View 3-Drawer Organizer with White Frame:

What is good about this storage container is that, it can easily fit on all sorts of open shelves or inside a closet shelf, on the pantry, vanity, counter top or the cabinet. They are not meant to be stacked. If you do, just be careful when you try to open the drawers. This Sterilite storage box has virtually many uses. You can add a nifty little label to its front pull-out drawers to better categorize things. You can also remove each drawer from its cabinet mold by clutching on the sides lightly.

If you plan to use it at the office, they are perfect in storing all sorts of what-you-have like photocopies, CDs, office supplies or business letters. They can be used in laundry rooms to keep all your laundry items such as detergents, mesh bags and stain removers. If you keep so many things for your scrap booking hobby; you can keep all your supplies, papers and other accessories. You will never have a hard time looking for your children’s toys and games again. Just simply dump the playing cards, game boards or doll accessories in this container. Your kitchen supplies and tools will come in handy when you place your cookbooks, seasonal kitchen tools, cookie cutters, candles or maybe even some of your cake decorating supplies. In your bedroom, keep all your costume jewelry, scarves, gloves, makeup and other accessories. For the man of the house, they can keep all of their hardware and garage tools and perhaps their plumbing equipment.