Stieg Larsson’s Hero: Moralistic And Human At The Same Time

During the time when Salander is not taking calls from Mikael Blomkvist, he is confounded no end. He is also having an affair with the editor-in-chief of Millennium magazine, who in turn has got a job offer from one of the largest media companies of Sweden. Most of the characters in the world of Mikael Blomkvist have some secret motivations, and all of them go through the consequences due to one reason or the other.

Blomkvists Ambitious Plans

Mikael Blomkvist has plans to come up with a special edition of his magazine when he is also writing a book exposing the illicit human trafficking business he wants both the events (book launch and magazine edition) to coincide. To restore balance into the lives of the damaged women whose souls have been destroyed, he hires two freelance journalists to write the book. He knows some top personalities of the country will be affected, but he is a no holds barred crusader, and he just doesnt know any other world apart from his attempt to set the world around him straight.

Plan to Implicate Salander

Things go bad when Svensson and Johansson are killed, and the description of the murderer matches with Lisbeth Salander. There is a whole wide dark world where all kinds of wrong things are taking place and everything is being deliberately related to Lisbeth Salanders interest in complex mathematics. A nationwide investigation is being launched now, and the Police also become interested in Mikael Blomkvist. The opponents of the heroine are mistaken if they think they can mess with Lisbeth Salander, she (can do and) does all in her capacity to clear her name, and protects Miriam Wu at the same time.

It Is Not Leisure Reading

If it is revealed here how Lisbeth Salander became what she is today, it would spoil your experience while actually reading The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest. But the revelations will disturb you, so be prepared. This story will not make you happy, its not leisure reading. But compassion and insight of Stieg Larsson are the two hallmarks which have resonated with the readers. There are many characters in the book which appear far more lively (clear is a better word). Overall the book by Stieg Larsson reverberates with life and death, throughout the series.