Stock Market Heading for Another Down Fall

After showing impressive couple of days of rally stock market is globally showing broad base weakness today. Yesterdays split finish in US markets resulted in lot of nervousness in Asian and European market.

Global markets are in firm downturn. Globally Banks are worst hit and most volatile sector followed by allied financial and investment sector. Due to reduced consumer spending white goods sector is also taking good hit with home builders and real estate developers.

Indian stock market also reacted to global cue and NSE ended down by 1% . Except Nifty Junior which raised by 1% all other sectors were in red. ICICI bank was again badly hit and closed down by 4.17%. Other major looser were Bharti airtel and DLF which both ended up shedding 3.75 and 3.07% respectively.

Major gainers were Tatasteel, HDFC and ITC but they also closed significantly lower than day?s highs. We recommend shorting banking stocks and manufacturing to benefit from tomorrows expected fall. It is advised to keep bets small as market is near support levels which may result in some degree of choppiness.
On global commodity front Gold has nearly recovered half of its 10% fall since last week and trading at $ 949.6 per ounce. We release a buy recommendation on Gold on Monday so our subscribers have gained 5% in two days!! Today we have recommended half sell to book partial profits. In our view gold will again touch its last week?s low or start another leg down creating golden opportunity for long-term investors to accumulate.

Silver is another big feather in our hat as we recommended buy at $ 17.11 and it?s currently trading at $ 18.40 per ounce a healthy gain of 7.5% in 2 days. Silver fell by 22% last week after making double top around $ 21.40 per ounce. According to our analysis silver has brilliant appreciation potential and one year target of $ 40 per ounce. Silver is heavily used industrial precious metal and slowly and steadily its gaining popularity as preferred jewelry metal due to very high price of Gold.

Investors which are not actively trading this is very good time to start investing in mutual funds. It is prudent to make equal combination of high yield fund and growth funds. It is preferred that investor be operating its own demat account and may use any linked broker to execute their own buy and sell decisions. We have came across the investors who try to trade Mutual Funds like stocks and end not making any profits as they shed out entry and exit load each time they switch.
Kalari Fundamentals Summer Intensive
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