Stomach Ulcers are among the Peptic Disease

Stomach ulcers are our body such rebellion against junk food and bad diet – hurry, tension. Food supply for stomach ulcers plays an important role. Meat and sugar are highly alkaline foods and when they get into the stomach to produce acid begin to offset this principle making the whole organism perkily. Meat also contains many chemical substances from which the animals are fed + vaccines against parasites and various diseases animal as soon as you kill rots though are frozen so that the process only stops for a moment but when it defrosts and goes again after cooking and eating a peak degradation in the colon and it can be well observed a great need for the flavor! People who combine the right foods and do not eat meat, after a great need not feel hardly any fetid aroma but the man who is 3 times a day meat has to do well as an air freshener! In this internal environment to maintain health or not arise.

We make the ulcers your lifestyle?

People 21st century are becoming increasingly irritable, sophisticated, we reluctantly in the morning, your stomach hurts us. This long-term stress, fear and anxiety. We live under huge pressure, and so they ignore warning signals and Gorging pills against pain. Who has a predisposition may have sores “a heart” of the abuse of analgesics in just a few weeks.

Why does somebody create an ulcer and not another?

That is the question we ask only those who have trouble with it, but gastroenterologists and experts. In principle, that where there is a lot of stomach acid, rather ulcers. Recently, a significant risk factor considered Helicobacter pylori infection. Important role also has predisposition, because this bacterium has the popular 60 to 80 percent of the population in its stomach, but only about ten percent of them will get ulcers.

What are the symptoms yet?

This may be burning in the esophagus, the pain sensation return plus sour, hot contents into the esophagus, frequent nausea and vomiting, especially if the vomit, blood, persistent abdominal pain may be colicky pain or constant pain.

When no longer any need to wait?

If the pain becomes permanent, possibly radiating to the back, is a signal that there may be a complication and should seek medical advice. Deep ulcer may damage the blood vessels and the patient begins to bleed, ulcer may even gastrointestinal wall and perforated. The good news is that it can be well treated.

What should be avoided, if we have ulcers?

• Avoid eating sharp spicy dishes.
• Never ? do not drink caffeinated beverages on an empty stomach.
• Do not smoke or drink any alcohol.
• Give up carbonated drinks.
• Decaffeinated coffee raises the same production of gastric acid than ordinary coffee.
• If you drink coffee, limit you’re drinking to one cup a day.

Herbs that soothe the stomach

Very good effects on the stomach have a Moorish mallow. An inflammation of the gastric mucosa is used as leaf and flower tea substances in combination with chamomile flowers, which have a healing effect, with letter marshmallow and peppermint leaves. Menthol from peppermint refrigerant acts on nerve endings, thus desensitizing sores in the stomach. For internal use it is advisable to macerate of the cold drug, 1 teaspoon drugs pour 2 dl of cold water and let infuse for 30 minutes. Macerate be ready to drink 3 – to 4-times daily.