Stop Anxiety Attacks – 5 Tips to Cure Anxiety Attacks

In this world of intellectualism, there are many psychosomatic diseases that are rampant all over the world, haunting not only old people, but also youngsters. Anxiety attacks are the ‘gift’ of this intellectualism. Albeit, an anxiety attack is a mental state, its symptoms are physical ones. Appetite loss, butterflies in the stomach, rapid heartbeat, headache, fear, trembling, excessive sweat, palpitation, heartburn, nausea, pain or tingling in the limbs, etc. such types of symptoms are present in the patient. The symptoms may be a few or in combination of these.

The following are the 5 tips that help to reduce the severity and duration of the anxiety bout. If all the tips 5 followed, it will be a preventive measure to defy the anxiety attack.


Eating a healthy diet is a good remedy to avoid the anxiety or panic attack from taking place. Low blood sugar, constant up-downs in blood sugar levels can be a cause to confront the anxiety bout. Eat nutritious food, fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Avoid the foods that contain caffeine, soda, processed refined foods and sugar. Being away from alcohol can avoid the panic attack from being occurred.

Implant Positive Thoughts

Control your thoughts. Challenge your anxious thoughts. Invite the anxiety or panic attack. It may seem queer, but psychologically it will help to face and fight your fears. Be brave and control the anxiety attack before that controls you.

Cultivate a Hobby

Indulging in your favorite hobby acts like a distraction. Playing guitar, drawing, singing, gardening, swimming and such types of hobbies help you to kill the time and avoid possible anxiety attack times.


Regular exercise reduces stress, which is a major trigger to anxiety attack. Even walking for 20 minutes helps to release stress of a body and mind. The daily physical activity works as an effective solution over the panic attack.

Yoga and Meditation

Follow yogic postures and meditate for some time. This will help to eliminate the anxiety attack before it overpowers you. Breathing exercise can play a vital role to thwart the anxiety attack and make you at ease.

For the complete relief, you need some natural remedy course to quit the panic attack. Gaining victory over the panic attack is not so difficult if followed some natural remedial course.