Stop Ingrown Pimples – Ingrown Hair and Pimples

Ingrown hairs occur when hair is cut below the level of the skin and when dead skin cells block the pore preventing the hair from growing out. Because of this, the hair grows inside the pores, resulting in a painful bump in the skin. When pus occurs, most people mistake this bump as a regular pimple and resort to using anti-pimple creams on the affected area with no results at all!

So how can we cure this seemingly unique condition? Sometimes, leaving it alone will eventually allow the hair to grow out. But leaving the ingrown hair alone can still be painful. What you can do is fish the hair out from the pore itself. Just make sure to use a sterilized needle or tweezers to avoid infection that could lead to an even bigger skin problem. When pus is produced, you can easily take it out by applying gentle pressure on the area until the liquid breaks out from the skin. Make sure the pus does not spread to the neighboring skin area to avoid the spread of infection. Regular and gentle exfoliation of the skin can also help to remove the build-up of dead skin cells and reduce the chances of ingrown hairs occurring.

People with curly hair are most prone to getting ingrown hairs because their hair type does not usually grow vertically but instead curls down into the hair follicles. This is why regular exfoliation is important for this type of hair. Keeping the skin moisturized also keeps ingrown hair from occurring since it also decreases the build-up of dead skin cells in the pores.

For those who do have the luxury of money, you can always turn to laser hair removal to stop the growth of hair for good.

Stay prepared to tackle those ingrown hairs and keep those ingrown pimples from forming.