Story about Cows and Rhinos

Rhinoceros Success


If you usually surf the Internet, you will be familiar to the analogy of the cows and the rhinos, right? The idea was written in a little book in 1980 by Scott Alexander with the name Rhinoceros Success. In this book, the author shares about the rhino that lives in the midst of a cow grassland and needs to break out. 



While the cows are content with quietly grazing and chewing their cuds, the rhino wants more. Have you ever felt that way? Everyone else appears to be so contented maintaining the status quo; but deep within yourself, you know there’s something more. And what’s more you want that something more.


That’s the rhino coming out in you!


In Alexander’s story, the out-of-place rhino leaves the herd mentality and strikes out through the jungle. Wow! Think of the contrast. Going from a quiet obstacle-free pasture into a wild jungle fraught with dangers. But remember, the rhino is:



The cow, on the other hand is oblivious, peaceful and serene, and is waiting either to get milked or slaughtered.


You’re Not Crazy After All


While this is not a perfect analogy (all analogies break down at some point; being thick-skinned, for instance, also holds a negative connotation) still and yet, this story should give pause for thought.


It’s a powerful thing to learn that deep inside you are that lone rhino just looking for the moment to break out from the herd. Now you realize you’re not really crazy after all. Your restlessness is not the hang-up your older brother said it was. (Or your in-laws!) And your inner drive truly can help you get to the other side of that jungle.


Those attributes of being single-minded and determined mean your goal list is probably targeted and specific. It means you spend extra hours with no pay just to learn the ins and outs of Internet marketing. Or attraction marketing. Or affiliate marketing. Or direct sales. You name it. It means you choose to look for the positives rather than making excuses why it can’t be done. You’re charging ahead; you’ve become unstoppable!


Cow Transformation


The best news is, some cows can actually learn to become rhinos. It’s true. It happens. So if you’re a cow, but a restless one, begin to do a little homework. How can you begin to nurture the “seeds of rhino qualities” that are resident in you?


Who wins: the cows or the rhinos?


Depends on how dissatisfied that cow really is. (Or desperate!) Find a mentor rhino who has made it through the jungle. That mentor can teach a willing cow how to develop a thick skin, strength, single-mindedness and determination.


If you are one of those cows just longing for a chance to transform into your real rhino self, don’t wait another minute. Start this very day!


See you at the top? Hey, see you on the other side of the jungle!