Strange Japanese Recipes Which Can Surprise You A Lot

In Japan, “Chinese food” is very popular, but there also many Japanese are curious and asked: “how could Chinese food include pig ears?” This question is naturally curious, in fact, this is the traditional eating habits in China, if you know some Japanese eat “live” food you will be very surprised.

The Japanese like to eat fish, when you travel to Japan, you will be astonished by their eating habits. The reason is that the Japanese eat fish without opening their stomach and eat with internal organs, such as direct grilled fish excrement. Many people cannot go a little swallow.

From the perspective of Japanese culture, eating the complete fish is a behavior which contains the true meaning of Taoism, and they do not think that is dirty. Once upon a time when I travel to northeastern of Japan, the owner invited us to eat local specialties, the main course is the “rabbit intestinal pill.” This food seems sausages. At first, we are so interested in that food, then the host begin to introduce the food to us.

But, at last we are so regret to hear that.

It turned out that the small intestine is the hare, hare and thick intestine is the cecum. Cecum is large herbivorous, the capacity as much as the stomach. People poured the rabbit meat into the intestine to make rabbit intestine. But the owner deliberately, making this sausage, they put the main point at the authentic. The so-called original is not do any cleaning, keep half of the digest food, feces and digestive juice, poured directly into the meat. Local people think that eating such food, there will be the smell of grass. Because the production process is complicated, so only a very high level banquet can eat that dish.

Although in the United States I was dare to eat cactus, think about chewing rabbit feces, I think that is the strange feeling. Then later I met the doctor from Italy, she heard that thing and say that is a pity without eating such food. Because she say that that food is special and nutritious, as rabbits are eating green food, so the food is real clean. She said that this approach is very health food, and it is a science.

From my experience, we must learn that we must eat some green food and cannot refuse some foods depends on their appearance. This is not a scientific way. Good luck with you when you eat some specialties when you travel to some places.