Streamline Funnel System – Just Hype Or the Real Deal?

When you go into the site after registering there are two videos showing you how the system is going to workout with some advertising materials to send out ad copy in different formats to land new prospects. There is a crucial message that says “during pre-launch its crucial you personally sponsor people”. What does that mean?

Now this is what i can gather about the system works. generally the guy that founded the program Paul Birdsall said he has worked hard for the last 14 months developing this latest web 3.0 program that gathers double opt-in leads from the web. “for only $ 9.95/ you can send your ads to 10,000 of these exclusive leads every month”.

When we break it down. Can you tell me what web 3.0 is really can you? i say that it`s 2.0 but making things that are new and fresh if you ask me joining something that does all the work for me that has never been done before not that i can see so it could be called web 3.0.

Paul says his software collects double opt-in leads. do you now what double opt-in means? that means the prospect has given permission to email them back with promotions and advertising of systems of value to them but how can he afford to sell 10,000 of them at $ 9.95 per month we am guessing that maybe they am not double opt-in leads but we need to see on that one.

I should also point out that the leads you get from The Streamline Funnel System are “exclusive” leads. That means every member will get 10,000 different leads. Sweet! But wait, maybe we should do some math first…

According to my user id about 5,000 people have joined The Streamline Funnel System so far. It’s safe to say that by the way people are promoting this thing there will be at least another 1,000 people by the time they launch next week. That’s 6,000 members. Obviously not all 6,000 people are going to pay the $ 9.95 on launch day but lets say they did. 6,000 members x 10,000 = 60,000,000 exclusive double opt-in leads. 60 million! That’s twice the population of Canada!

I think it is obvious that Paul needs to generate lots of leads for all his members but clearly he is not stating what we can do with these leads after we have referred them to the streamline funnel system and can we use them for our self maybe market them in the future. They aren’t saying how much these extra leads cost but since your commission on an additional 10,000 leads is $ 50 I am assuming it costs a bit more than that.

They seem to imply that your 10,000 leads will be used to automatically recruit new members to your Streamline Funnel System site. When the leads sign-up and buy the additional leads you make free money.

I can see that there is lots to talk about the founder Paul Birdsall of the streamline funnel system i am a firm believer of getting to know someone before i join anything if this thing worries you put Paul’s name in Google and do a search on him my sponsor said that he had dealt with Paul and had made some money and had a lot of respect for him.

Since pre-launch there has been some different additions to the system a daily video blog that is updating any worries about this system and there is a change to the paying options you now have to pay $ 39.95 per month for an additional 10,000 leads that go out on a rotator advertising system how this works I’m unclear then the additional packages.

* 10,000 additional package for $ 99.99 * 20,000 additional package for $ 190.00 * 40,000 additional package for $ 370.00

Then if you get a prospect to join you and be sponsored by you then the commissions.

* $ 15.00 for basic package on 10,000 leads on a rotator * $ 50.00 for 10,000 ad package purchased by your prospects * $ 85.00 for 20,000 ad package purchased by your prospects * $ 190.00 for 40,000 ad package purchased by your prospects

So if your lucky and can get prospects to join you and buy additional packages there is money to be made from this system the streamline funnel system his not a scam.