Street Fighter Moves – Interview With David D’Antonio – 4 Reasons to Avoid High Kicks to the Face

Charles: David, can you give us reasons, real reasons, maybe 3 or 4 why one should avoid delivering high kicks to the face in a real street fight.

David: First Thing is, when that kick is coming to your face, that is, you’re trying to throw a high kick to someone’s face, you are really telegraphing your moves. You are letting him see what’s coming. It’s too easy to see.

Another good reason why high kicks to the face…

Charles: This would be number two, I take. Right?

David: This is going to be number two.

Charles: Okay.

David: Second Reason to avoid high kicks to the head and to the face would be that you are putting that limb out there for someone to grab or cut. They may have a knife or some hidden weapon and jab into your leg or femoral artery.

A Third Good Reason to avoid high kicks to the head or to the face is that you are taking away your points of balance. You have to have a least two points of balance and stability on the ground. By raising that leg high on the ground, you are limiting and taking away from your balance points.

Charles: Hmmm. Interesting. And the fourth point would be?

David: The Fourth Reason to avoid kicks into the head and into the face is that it really opens up your groin for an attack to launch a counter offensive into your testicles and groin region.

Charles : Wow. That’s really something. So now we see that actually the most popular kicks that we see in the movies are not really the most practical.

David: Absolutely not. Low line kicks are going to be your best bet, anything below the waist and especially below the knee because they are more of a hidden style kick. You are least likely to see them and they don’t take away your balance as much as a high kick where you have one leg high above your head and one leg down all the way on the ground.

Charles : Wow, so there we have it everyone. This comes from straight from the mouth from someone who knows and has given us reasons and very good reasons to avoid high kicks to the face. We thank you so much for this interview, David.

David: Thank you for having me.