Street Smarts Tips For Women

Women can be vulnerable in different instances. Sometimes, emotions can trigger their alertness and confidence on streets. Thus, susceptible women may be subject as the next target of people with bad intentions and a victim of street accidents.

While women can be considered street smarts, they can still sometimes fall in traps. The next important travel safety tips are dedicated to all travelers, particularly women. The tips can be categorized as part of the common sense, women’s intuitions and a general idea on how to be safe on streets.

1. Dress up properly. If you are new in a place, make sure that you are dressed appropriately. You do not want to stand out in the crowd and attract significant attention from robbers. You should not also wear expensive and even fake pieces of jewelry and carry big bags as those may also compromise your safety. More often, wearing a wedding ring makes sense.

2. Study the place. Before you go out for a walk, make sure that you have studied your destination’s map. Holding a map while walking on streets can give thieves a hint that you are new in the place. After studying, you can just bring a small organizer or pocket note with your listed important landmarks. You may also want to ask your hotel’s concierge for the places that should be avoided. Walking during the day is also safer than at night.

3. Carrying your valuables. Money, documents and cellular phones are just some of the important things that must be with you when traveling. It is better to carry a small bag where your body can wrap around it or a belt bag that you should wear tightly around your waist. If possible, bring only one credit card, identification ID and photocopies of your travel documents. You must also familiarize yourself with the foreign currency before using it.

4. When you are astray. Consider asking directions to a family or women with children. This will make you safer and free from robbers or stalkers. You may ask for directions or the landmark of the place and say that you will meet somebody there so they will not suspect that you are alone.

5. If something bad happens. Remember that thieves attack at times that we do not expect so make sure to run, fight and yell as loud as you can to catch attention from other people.

Traveling is a great way to explore new places. However, as a woman, you must be alert at all times to ensure that you are not leading your vacation into a nightmare. If possible, prefer to travel with someone than alone. Even though the above tips can be annoying and make you paranoid throughout your trip, still keeping an open mind will certainly make your vacation successful, satisfying and remarkable.