Stucco Homes – Durable and Attractive

Well built stucco homes are very incredibly strong and can easily last for hundreds years. For a new home, the use of stucco can add amazing value and character. Stucco is composed of an aggregate, a binder and water. The traditional stucco is made of lime, sand and water, while modern stucco is made of Portland cement, sand and water.

It is used for coating of the wall and ceiling of a house. Lime is often added in a mixture of modern stucco with a function to decrease the permeability and increase the workability of modern stucco. Acrylics and glass fibers are sometimes added to improve the structural properties of as stucco.

As a building material, stucco is durable, attractive as well as resistant to the influence of weather. It is used in both interior and exterior finish traditionally for direct application solid masonry, brick or stone surface. The finish coat of stucco often consists of a primary color and is generally textured for appearance.

If you are interested in having a stucco home, you can always hire a talented builder or a skilled stucco mason. They will be able to offer you a limitless amount of stucco textures and patterns for you to choose from. Classic styles can be imitated if you visit neighborhoods that are famous for their stucco homes. Drive around the area and snap a picture of the stucco textures that you love. If you want more than just a distant photograph of the stucco texture you like, you can always meet with the homeowners and tell them about your plan. You may be allowed to take close-up shots of their house.

Though it is possible for you to have it painted yourself, take note that you will often have to deal with maintenance-free material which requires a regular maintenance work. If you are interested in purchasing a stucco home that is up for sale, make a smart move and have a professional to inspect the stucco to check for any damage that it might have.