Student property investment as the new trend for investors

The property investment trends have risen to a very new market of investment that was not really known in the past. The UK Student Accommodation Investment is the new trend and the new happening in this business. According to the recent claims and statistics of the government around 1.6 £ is invested in the UK Student Accommodation Investment in the past nine to ten months. This is a huge number of investments and clearly states the trend of the investment in the country.

The very recent student accommodation index the returns of 9.95 percent were gathered from the investment in area that is again an astonishingly great number showing the positive trend on the investment banks. The reports have suggested that the UK has one of the largest exports in the educational sector that makes the student accommodation services and investment a big thing to be invested upon as well. The greater educational facilities and the finest educational career in the region lure many students in the region from the world.

The students coming from all the regions cannot stay in the university accommodating due to lack of rooms thus they need to move to the private lodgings. This makes the UK Student Accommodation Investment a great opportunity for the investors to invest upon. This has not only proven to give a lot of profit and return but has also proven itself to open the doors for a great portfolio making.

According to the recent survey of CBRE and the head of advisory, the number of students coming out of UK will increase by 15 to 20 percent thus giving a rise in the private accommodation, which will make it a fruitful business. The UK Student Accommodation Investment has proved itself to be a great source of income as it is equally beneficial for the smaller groups and the larger groups both. The small investors can easily invest in the reliable and valid piece of property according to their resources and the chances of greater profit are higher than ever.

The growth of annual rent in the year 2013 in the city of London was found to increase by 3.5 percent, which is actually a high number. This means that the rental growth in the area will increase and will give more opportunity for the investors. The rental growth of 20 percent in the past three years indicates the positive investment opportunities for the investors at home.

It is the case with the returns. The reports have shown that the returning area such as the capital value growth have increased a lot. The value over a single bed has increased by £50,700 to £56,600 in the year 2013 that is actually an increase by trey 12 percent. This shows that the UK Student Accommodation Investment is a great opportunity for the investors with the ever-increasing demand and growth.
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