Stunning Images in ?Combat Climate Change? Day

During November 20-28, 350 EARTH launches the world’s first ever global climate art project. From all over the world, dozens of places have contributed great massive public art installations by citizens and artists. These stunning images are big enough to be easily seen from space and documented by satellites. All of the performances focus on the impact of climate change to the planet and offer solutions addressing the crisis.


New Delhi, India

On 23rd November, 2010, “Climate Elephant” will be established in the second largest city in the world. 3000 students and teachers at the Ryan International School in New Delhi along with volunteers and aerial artist Daniel Dancer make the image of a giant elephant in order to ask the world leader pay attention to the “elephant in the room”.


Traditionally, elephant is the national heritage animal of India.


Los Angeles, USA

“Solar Eagle Taking Flight” project reflects an American on clean green energy economy.


On November 21, “Solar Eagle Taking Flight” was installed at the cornfields in Los Angeles Historic State Park. The formation is shaped from solar photovoltaic film sheets accented with up to 1000 people. Traditionally, eagle is the symbol of America for over 200 years.



“Fowler’s Gap” by Keith Chidzey

Australian land artist Keith Chidzey and volunteers created “Fowler’s Gap” on November 26 in Broken Hill. The art piece, a giant “350” made by volunteers with torches and lights, warns people about the risk of natural fires due to the rise of temperature.


New York City, USA

“Cool Roof” by Molly Dilworth – New York City, USA


In New York City, Molly Dilworth has created “Cool Roof” in a school. He paints light colors which represent New York and New Jersey coastline after a 7-meter rise in sea levels.


Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico


In the Venustiano Carranza plaza in Mexico City, thousands of school children gathered on November 22nd to deliver a message to global leaders taking part in COP16. The image inspires world’s leaders about the urgency of climate change impacts and a zero carbon future.



Dominican Republic

Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic


At the Santo Domingo Heliport, lots of people and volunteers gather to raise voice for Quisqueya. The event also aims at sending a message to world leaders that will come together in Cancún for the COP16. The image conveys the danger of sea level rise to Dominican Republic and the Caribbean region.


Delta del Ebro, Spain

“Gal-la” by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada — Delta del Ebro, Spain


Citizens from the Delta Ebro joined with artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada to make a giant face of a young girl on November 20. The girl is wishing to see the Delta survive the threat of climate change.



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