Styling Your Man

Whether your man loves to step out in style, or whether you’d simply just like him to, once Christmas or birthdays roll around, there are plenty of options for stylish gifts for men.

Clothes are a major reflection of a man’s image, so whether you want to gently guide him towards style or whether he already has plenty of it, they might not be the best area to start. Instead, when it comes to men’s gifts, you should probably start off with accessories.

Watches and jewellery are a great starting point. They can be fashionable and stylish without being too obvious, meaning that he won’t feel like you are trying to get him dressed up in a whole new wardrobe, but instead will simply be complimenting his current style. Sunglasses and bags are also great gifts for men as they are again a much more subtle way of adding an extra dose of style to any look.

Another easy way to find men’s gifts that will make both you and him happy, is to think about his grooming. Aftershaves and skin care, when aimed at the more luxurious ends of the market are a fantastic way to get him styling himself without him even realising it. Every man will want to look their best, even if most of the time they decide to do nothing about it. Having all the tools at hand to have a much better hygiene and grooming ritual will mean they are much more likely to want to get the best out of their looks.

Finally, for those who already have a very obvious style, you can compliment them with items such as wallets, money clips or other executive items. Remember that if it looks like you are trying to style him, he probably won’t be interested, but if you just help add to his style, he’ll be not only receptive, but extremely grateful.