Subliminal Video – Speak Fluently Wherever You Go Through Subliminal Language Learning

Language is now one of the most powerful tools there is if you want to achieve more in life. Learning a lot of languages and speaking them fluently can open a lot of doors. Not just any doors, too, but doors to global opportunities. If youre a businessman, you can expand to several different countries without having to overcome the language barriers. If youre a career person, what better way is there to get that international promotion and to get more recognition than by learning how to speak multiple languages?

1. Disarm your mental defenses. One of the reasons experts blame for the difficulty in learning languages is the cultural barrier that has become embedded in the mind. These barriers sit on your brain and limit you to what you are used to. In the face of something unfamiliar, like an exotic food or a foreign language, the brain automatically sends out warning signals that defend against the unwanted intruders. This is why most people develop a resistance to learning new languages.

To disarm this natural resistance against foreign language, you need an open mind thats cultivated to absorb and learn new things. One of the best ways to open your mind is through subliminal programming. You have to send messages to the subconscious in the form of subliminal messages. These messages can remove negative thought barriers in the mind and reinforce positive and empowering thoughts.

Instead of thinking that you are unable to learn a foreign language, program your mind to welcome it in with thoughts like these:

Learning empowers me.
I welcome new knowledge with ease.
I am a fast learner.
I absorb knowledge well.
I welcome self improvement to help me reach my goals.

2. Subliminal learning. There are two ways you can use subliminal learning in learning new languages. One way is through incorporating subliminal messages into the lesson material you use for learning the language. Usually this is done by listening to audio or watching videos with hidden messages in them. A subliminal CD to learn foreign language through audio uses soothing wave sounds with messages hidden in them. Video subliminals, on the other hand, use both visual and auditory stimulators. This is deemed more effective. While you watch the subliminal video and learn the language, the messages are also tweaking your mind from the subconscious level to make it embrace learning better.

3. Sleep learning. You can also use subliminal learning while sleeping. In learning a language, it helps to listen to vocabulary words over and over again. A lot of people, however, have discovered the benefits of listening to vocabulary words during sleep. And experts on subliminal learning also propose that exposing the subconscious to empowering and powerful subliminal messages even in sleep is also an effective way to cultivate the mind more. Remember that the subconscious works all the time, unlike the conscious state. So you can stimulate it even in sleep. If you invest in an MP3 player or CD player with a repeat or loop function, you can take advantage of several hours worth of sleep and turn it into useful learning times. BOLA TANGKAS