Success and Choice

Being really successful is about mining the potential of who you are and what you can do. Achieving this success is a great expression of your Self. It is a real natural process and a real unveiling to the world of the true You.

Nobody is born a failure but our attraction to the failed process or the failed anything, can become an addiction.

We can choose to keep going back to where we are imprisoned by our own belief system and by our own attachment to loss and to fear and ultimately to failure. This loop automatically repeats itself until we choose differently. Just look around and you will see that so many of us are attracted to recurring bad situations, as if to give up on our natural birthright of success.

Within the loop of limitation it becomes very hard to step outside that cycle, particularly as we are so conditioned by our day to day commitments; ‘I have to work, I have to take care of the kids’ ‘I have to organise the meeting’ etc. The ‘I Have to Syndrome’ is a bit like a treadmill; it is difficult, but not impossible, to stop. Stopping necessitates seeing your Self correctly and not just as a victim of the ‘I Have to Syndrome’.

Success is never about what you are doing, where you work, where you live, who your friends are, how much you earn or how your life looks. It is always about how you see your Self in any given situation.

These are the situations that make up the world that surrounds you and the world that surrounds you allows you to make judgments about how you function and how you want to be. Your reaction is always based on your Self-value so, in assessing the loop of life, you must assess your Self. Are you on that treadmill and if so, how can you change or give your Self the opportunity to live a little differently?

Learn to look at the world from the perception of your own success. However that may appear, it is yours.