Successful Article Marketing: 4 Important Places To Go Before Creating Your Content

4 Places That Will Help You Create Solid, Money Making Content
Successful article marketing is possible as long as you create your work with inspiration from work that is already successful or from others seeking answers you can give them. Developing a marketing strategy that works for you will likely be based on different marketing strategies that already reach others effectively with your own secret twists mixed in therefore making the methods unique to only you. Your article writing can be created with influence from these places:

1) Visit as many forums as you can related to your niche. When you go to these places you will want to be taking note of the way things are done in the area of your potential sales. Read questions that users are discussing with each other and ask questions yourself, you can use the information you find to create your content. Successful article marketing will come from creating articles based on things you know are wanted because you will find them yourself. The most effective way to search for forums is by going to whatever search engine you like and typing in your keywords, you will then type a + sign and the word ‘forums’. An example would be something like: (your keywords + forums). You will be given some of the top forums related to your niche. Keep an eye and a bookmark on each of the forums you like and take notes of key points or ideas throughout each site.
2) Take a look into Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers is a great place to go for your pre-sell content because of a few things. The results are very often amongst the top in the search engines because Yahoo Answers is such a popular place to go for both questions and answers. You can really target your audience by finding specific questions that relate to your services and providing a solution for them. Plus, it’s completely free to set up as many yahoo answers accounts as you like and keep on creating backlinks to your landing page.
3) Ezinearticles is one of the best places you can go for content. Many consider ezinearticles the top article directory in the world and for good reason. This website always ranks way up in the search engines and it gives everyone a chance to be a known author, for free. Take a look into ezinearticles and search for your keywords in their directory. From your results you can read what the ‘top authors’ in you niche have to say and use their information as guidance in creating your unique work. Often times, top authors who have written numerous articles are doing so because the landing page that the article leads to is generating sales. Go to these landing pages and take note of what they are doing.
4) As an industry leading company, has been a life changer in many online marketers lives. Amazon is great for many reasons, their sale of physical products helps many affiliates turn profits on items they don’t need to keep in stock because Amazon takes care of that. They also let users leave reviews on their products. This is what we are focusing on. You are going to search for any products that are closely related to your niche and take note of all the reviews people post on different products. This is important because you are receiving valuable information from actual customers without asking a single question or doing a single test. You just go to amazon and do the research, it’s that simple!

These are just a few of the countless different ways to go about finding great content to use when developing your article marketing strategy. Remember to create everything yourself and never copy and paste others work without their permission. BOLA TANGKAS