Successful Brand Enhancement Through Packaging: Best practice in leveraging unique brand attributes

In mature markets the importance of packaging design in contributing to brand communication and appeal (on-shelf, in-store) is increasing, due to a number of factors, including:

• Consumers are increasingly aware and demanding in terms of brand choice, product quality, health and ethical issues.
• The environmental challenge for companies to optimize the use of materials, water and energy, minimize waste and maximize the recovery of used packaging.
• The trend towards premiumisation is influencing innovation and packaging in many market sectors, particularly mature markets.
• The increasing diversity of media channels for marketing and advertising is creating greater focus and importance on packaging design.

This report provides and overview of how packaging is used in food and drinks products to enhance brand perceptions and value. It provides an in-depth analysis of current and emerging trends and strategies for enhancing brands through packaging.

Key features of this report

• Defines what brand enhancement is and how it contributes to brand identity, the nature and role of packaging and identifies the drivers of packaging innovation.
• Explores how structure and functional features of packaging are used to enhance the brand, including: Creating distinctive and defendable characteristics.
• Enhanced safety, handling and product delivery, storage and consumer involvement.
• Enhanced convenience e.g. utilising new microwave technologies.
• Explores how surface design is used to enhance brand communication and appeal – demonstrating the use of logos and brand marks, typography, colour, photography, illustration, pattern, textures and finish.
• 10 case studies to provide learning from superbrands and illustrated examples of how packaging has been re-designed to strengthen brand communication and appeal. Superbrands: Coca-cola, Babybel, Nutella, Frito Lay, Kohinoor basmati rice. Re-design case studies: Dorset cereals, Silver Hills Bakery, The Fruit Lab, The Yorkshire Provender
• Examines challenges and innovations in ‘green packaging’
• Explores the trends in food and drink reflected in packaging,with illustrated examples in : Super indulgence; Provenance and traceability; Artisan/homemade; Natural convenience; Celebrity endorsement; Limited edition; Interesting basics.
• Over 60 illustrated examples of packaging from around the world.

Key benefits from reading this report

• Understand how packaging materials and features can improve the functional performance of packaging.
• Gain an understanding of packaging architecture and the different tools available to designers to create distinctive brand identity and defensible properties in packaging.
• Understand how packaging design contributes to the aesthetics and emotion of brand identity.
• Learn how food and drink brands are using different strategies to connect with consumers, including – from reflecting increasing consumer interest in the source and content of products, to the use of limited editions and celebrity endorsement.
• Inform how brand enhancement demands consideration of the different factors that impact on packaging, including: consumer needs, cultural trends, manufacturing processes, retail requirements, environmental and ethical considerations and EU legislation.
• Identify the areas of focus for brand enhancement amongst industry executives.
• This report provides highly visual case studies and illustrations to show how packaging design has been used by different brands to enhance their communication and performance. Prompt and inspire your marketing and NPD teams with ideas from around the world.

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