Successful Entrepreneurs To Open Small Shops Must-read – Entrepreneurs, Small Shops – Food Industry

Right now, many people laid off, unemployed and more jobs is not easy, so many people like to shop, their own boss. However, to open stores? How to open? This is not an idea can be buttoned, which do a great deal of learning!

Success rate is very high Shop success rate of the United States conducted a survey, the results show that joining a successful system is about 80% of the shop, independent shop about 20% successful. Experts believe that store business success, “technology” is the basic living conditions; really to store roots, adequate competitiveness is essential; pay attention to market dynamics and not caused or will cause the domestic concerns and new forms of consumer culture characteristics, such stores can be invincible.

If asked what you want to open shop in the end, you can immediately answer it? If not a spectrum, the following suggestions for your reference.

What kind of shop opening 1. If you are very enthusiastic, energetic, self-service hot pot restaurants can be considered operational, the traditional snack, lunch and other catering services for delivery.

2. If you love fine tasteful items, second-hand fine crystal shop, arts and crafts materials, specialty stores and small cafes, allow you to display his talents.

3. If you are extremely sensitive, loving family, love complex, nurseries and kindergartens will be your favorite.

4. If you often thinks is, and always put ourselves in the sake of man, pet shops, flower shop is in need of you this feature.

About personal characteristics, interests, well after the funds on hand to further consider the store opened, and whether the business variety, need special abilities, such as: business development capacity, table Danone Force, and put into operation about to do a variety of future assessment of the situation, such as working hours, working hours and work pattern. Experts suggest doing business in the shop has not yet decided, before joining the industry to participate in organized seminars to listen to the voices of different types of industry, and shop in person to hear the ups and downs.

Is going it alone, since a shop is good?, Or invite friends and family partnership good? Or is it joining a system, from the headquarters of shop resources? Experts believe that if the store offering the business and past working experience, and has served as business management positions, select the appropriate join the system, and learn management skills, after all, a good way to reduce operational risks. In addition, the partnership investment shop, in the future the need for differences of opinion and responsibility to their shareholders divided courage. 2

partner combination should be avoided, but to 3 is better, no more than 5 people.
What elements should be appropriate To make money, the investigation of location, do not be sloppy. Although different industries, commercial property are not the same ring, but still find the answer from the following General Rules.

1. Flow of people: ordinary, holidays and day, night trips between the ratio.
2. Traffic flow: Car , Motorcycle Exchange flow.
3. Traffic conditions: the present and possible future changes in the means of transport.
4. Road conditions: size, one-way street, two-way street with parking problems.
5. Regional features: business cycle conditions, competition shops, complementary stores Financial Institutions, culture, education and leisure facilities.

6. Population survey: the number of population, consumption habits, etc..
7. Commercial Space exploration: the scope of primary and secondary business circles, the rent price.
Shop, not one thinks on everything OK, only the rational and emotional combined, to be successful.