Sugar Prices Rose More Than 50% Starch Sugar Market Gone Up – Sugar, Starch – Food Industry

“Now in our province Starch Sugar production Sell Very hot, which is sugarcane Sugar Georgia’s surge this year has a direct relationship. “Recently, this reporter in Shandong Province Food Sugar Industry Corporation interview market, the accident was relatively new to the news of the lay members.

According to reports, despite almost no production of sugar in Shandong Province, but the starch sugar production has occupied half of the country, and has Asia’s largest sugar and starch producers?? West King Group. This year, international, domestic sugar prices soared more than 50%, starch sugar, sugar consumption as a powerful country supplement their market have gone up.

From the “goods such as cars” to “cars goods”

9 9th morning, the king’s group Sugar in the West (the “Sugar”), glucose delivery area see the piles of goods, workers are busy before the tense, from all over pulling trucks lined up long queue. A large truck drivers from Beijing said it was “goods such as cars,” and until recently, “goods such as cars,” changes in the market really made him feel “can not read.”

But Sugar is now the Deputy General Manager of Wang Hui, “busy but still happy.” He told reporters in the West King Group processing capacity of 1.8 million tons of maize, the main products include crystal glucose, crystalline fructose, fructose syrup, malt dextrin, etc., annual production capacity of more than 1 million tons, the production scale ranks first in Asia.

This year, sucrose, corn prices have been skyrocketing and promote the starch sugar prices continued to rise. Among them, the crystallization of glucose from the beginning of 2400 yuan / ton up to 3,000 yuan / ton, crystalline fructose from the 12,000 yuan / ton up to 15,000 yuan / ton, fructose syrup from 1,900 yuan / ton up to 2300 yuan / ton.

“Even if the price rises, the increase in our shipments, it is still difficult to meet the huge demand for domestic and international customers.” Hui said, South Korea, a customer wishes and entered into a monthly 6,000 tons of sugar crystallization of glucose large unit, and the price is attractive, but the company bearing in mind the many domestic customers waiting, some really difficult, is considering how to respond. Wang Hui, said the basis of this development momentum, the company crystalline glucose output will soon reach 60 million tons, accounting for half of national output.

The statistics show that since 2000 China starch sugar has been maintained over 20% growth rate last year, the National Starch sugar production at 550 tons. Food Industry Corporation Deputy General Manager of Shandong Province Wang Ying told reporters that the production of starch sugar enterprises in Shandong are many, very large, accounting for about half of total output. In addition to the West King Sugar, the province on the scale of the starch sugar companies also Lu Chau, bowling Po, Tsing assistance, earth, day ability. In general situation, the province most businesses are booming in the production and marketing situation.

Industry has great potential Anna introduced starch crops such as sugar is extracted from the corn out of less than 2 pounds of corn can be extracted from 1 kg of starch sugar. Much of northern China corn production, the price is relatively cheap, starch sugar production costs and prices are also a lot cheaper than sugar. “The versatile sugar, starch, sugar prices soaring value is allowed to become increasingly prominent.”

In the food industry, starch sugar because of its unique effectiveness, are increasingly being used Beverages , Pastries, Dairy products And candy industries have replaced sugar. For example, the crystalline fructose as a low energy, metabolism, insulin without restriction for diabetic patients can eat, and not susceptible to oral microorganisms use, adverse effects on teeth than sucrose, it has been predicted for the 21st century a new type of carbohydrate source instead of sucrose.

Starch sugar Medicine The great potential of the field also attracted related businesses to join them. According to Wang Hui introduction, West King Group has an annual output of 100,000 tons into a medicinal glucose projects, the next goal is to build an annual output of 400,000 tons of the country’s largest production base of raw drug materials. BOLA TANGKAS