Summer Heat To Reduce The Workload Of The Kitchen To Enjoy The New Microwave Food – Microwave Ovens,

Summer heat, the kitchen is suffer a job. If you use the microwave oven and electric stove for cooking, you can make crafts to become relaxed and cool. Kitchen appliances currently on the market of new product features are complete, housewives can not effortlessly so that the whole family to eat hearty and delicious food.

Not long ago, authorities in Beijing issued a microwave oven is called “steaming” standard “domestic microwave oven steamed functional requirements and test methods.” But Microwave Steam really able to complete the most basic functions? Author with questions, walked into a beauty shop microwave oven experience.

A trend to increase product functionality
Fact, as early in 2004, the concept had steam coming out in a microwave oven market. Since the US’s “Iron Chef steam tyrants,” the market, the Haier followed introduced the “steam turn wave oven”, Glanz introduced microwave ovens “steam Perfect”, LG is also based on circular liner technology, introduction of new microwave oven ” God steamed fried tyrant “, while the Panasonic Inverter Microwave Oven The advent of the steam, is this a” steam “into the heated battle. Even the industry can not help but , are well-known brands have to function with steam and grill microwave oven, please return home. The aim is to use a table to complete the gas stove on microwave cooking and cook all the processes. Let indoor neither smoke, nor can smell delicious family dinner.

Reflect the advantages of steam function
Said microwave ovens “steam” standard microwave oven by the United States share responsibility with the University of Electronic Science and Technology drafted in the first global microwave industry standard, the relevant departments test showed that with the “steam” function in the microwave oven on plant food than the average Water retention increased by 100%, Vitamin B1, B2 respectively 15%, 25%. Water on the animal food, vitamins B1, B2 respectively 6%, 8%, 5% or more. In addition, China Institute of Nutrition Nutrition analysts also pointed out that microwave ovens “steam” effect of standards has been achieved with traditional “steam” line level.

People tempted many advantages, not only from the pain of complicated cooking three meals a day freed, not to clean up, save a lot of trouble to do housework. The author of this new product of the respondents, they chose a most versatile product to buy back. However, the steam function of the machine to buy a home, in addition to heat leftovers almost done with it a decent meal. Use it to really make steamed bread and steamed fish? Function of the machine is not suspected, is the technology I can not let myself believe. Is with this mentality into the beauty shop experience in the microwave.

Patience of the staff in the guidance and help of the dishes from the heat of the master to put the order, from the beginning of the study, the bit accumulation, within minutes you can cook up a pretty good dishes. Steamed fish risked looking baked aroma, save time, save trouble feeling exciting. Microwave Electric Manufacturing Co., the U.S. division, said Wang Bin, minister of research and development in the next two to three years, microwave ovens will “steam” as a direction to the domestic households, like other countries, as well as families, so that a fixed microwave oven in the kitchen position, as a “steaming” the special electrical appliances.

New features to meet the consumer places
In the past few years, domestic microwave ovens have been exploring the corporate giants of the Rejuvenation of the United States and the microwave oven is the transformation of these enterprises, the most in-depth one. In-depth study of domestic consumer demand, in response to stress quality of life of the high-end users need to “food nutrition”, “delicious,” “fast and healthy” and so different from the higher interests of the United States launched a creative way microwave ovens National patented product?? “God of Cookery steam Pa,” so used to eat “steamed” The people really enjoy the microwave, “steaming”, “steam meat,” “steamed seafood” and closer to food flavor food . It is also insight into the needs of the consumers, the United States and the microwave oven made “still fresh, steamed taste” of the value proposition to meet the industry’s biggest consumer demand for microwave ovens.

Assistant dean of China’s household electrical appliances Wu Shangjie that the microwave oven industry, the brand has become highly centralized state. BOLA TANGKAS