Summer Skin Care Tips and Advice

Summer is up and the temperature is inexplicably hot outside. Going to a friend’s house nearby or visiting the play area is becoming a strain amidst the scorching sun. Summer skin care tips can really ease out this pressure and facilitate you to do your work even amidst the burning weather. Understand and apply the summer skin care tips discussed in this article and enjoy having the remarkable glow on your skin throughout the season.

Coping with the hot temperature is not only strenuous but irritating too. The delicate skin gets damaged due to the UV rays of the sun and this poses the biggest problem of skin damage. The list of summer skin care tips can educate you on what you can do o keep the irritation, inflammation and infection of the skin at bay during this summer season.

Sun Screen Lotion, a Must Have for Summer

When you think of going out in hot temperatures, your skin gets exposed to the damaging UV rays. So, the best thing that you can do to prevent any skin damage is to apply a sunscreen lotion at least half an before you go out in the hot weather. Choose a lotion that has a sun protection factor greater than 15 on its label.

Usage of a Powerful Lip Balm

Dry skin care is critical in the summer season. Lips tend to become dry in this season. Having a lip balm handy can reduce the dryness and render a moisturizing skin free of lip skin irritations.

Opt for a Herbal Bath

Instead of washing your skin with ordinary or cold water, you can resort to use milk with the water. Yet another soothing summer skin care tip is to make use of herbal infusions. You can easily make one at home by mixing a few linden blossoms, rose petals, a few peppermint leaves and some chamomile. Add hot water to this mix and leave it for an hour. Use cotton first and wipe your face. Then, use cheesecloth, dip it in this mix and place it on your skin for a 20 minute timeframe. This experience is unique and renders freshness in skin even during a bad summer.

Moisturizers, a must for Summer

Summer skin care tips would be incomplete without the discussion on the usage of moisturizers. Irrespective of whether you have dry or oily or a normal skin, using a moisturizer is mandatory. They not only prevent skin from getting dry but also soothe your skin irrespective of climatic conditions.

But before you purchase your moisturizer, get to know your skin type and purchase one accordingly.

Exfoliate and Hydrate Frequently

For the purpose of exfoliation, you can go in for commercial products available. Drink plenty of water and have at least 8 hours of sleep during the night. This would relieve you of stress ad pressure. Have a very healthy food containing a lot of fruits and vegetables which would in turn render a glowing skin even amidst the scorching weather.

Make use of a Wide Hat or an Umbrella

When you go out, never forget to take a hat or an umbrella. This can protect you from skin tanning which can break down the production of elastic and collagen under the skin surface.

Try to stick to the summer skin care tips discussed here and enjoy the hot weather comfortably without any skin problems throughout the season.