Sun Solar Energy 101

Sun solar energy is the perfect choice for those who love the planet and old houses. However, these homes pose a big dilemma – energy conservation and architecture preservation. But how exactly does energy conservation meet architecture? In this article, we would like to give you some insights on solar energy and architecture in olden times.

Don’t point your finger to old houses. These homes are not the problem. The whole world’s energy crises is not caused mainly by old shouses. Based on the United States Census Bureau, only about 8% of America’s housing population has been built before 1920.The newer houses have already carefully taken into consideration energy conservation techniques.
Gadgets and tools released for newer technologies can be costly. When new ones are released, they are released at a high price. It takes some shelf time before the initial price is reduced. If you want to start conserving energy in your old homes, ensure that you have allowed enough time for testing and for cost reduction.
Pick retrofits for energy consumption. You can make your homes less energy consumptive without having to spend as much. Try basement ceilings, blower door tests, air sealing, pipes and ducts, and weather-stripping doors and windows. Teams that outline prudent strategies are getting more and more popular.
Avoid the complicated. If you opt to do deep energy retrofits, avoid techniques that are very complicated. Super insulation may cause a dramatic decrease in energy consumption but in order to perform these processes, one needs to move different parts of the house. This is almost impossible especially in the case of old houses with parts that have moved and shifted many times.
Abide by the terms issued by the Department of Energy (DOE.) This institution provides guidance to regulators around the country. Generally, they approve energy retrofits that do not damage significant fabric.

Energy consumption has posed a very huge risk not just to the environment but to human life as well. Opting for energy retrofits is not the only way to save the planet. Even the simplest step count and will do a very significant difference to the environment in the future.

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