Sun Zhiyun: Alcoholic Beverages And Drink Alcohol To “the Throne” It? – Wine, Liquor

According to the “new Food “Reports, m Wine Through constant innovation and technology, wine industry moving to a “to wine” of the development path will gradually enter the highly competitive Beverage market It would be also in Food industry Sector does not cause some small waves.

Rice wine is to have a long history of traditional food, the lack of their own property location, cause its always separated from the traditional Alcohol And drink, whilst restricting the entire industry.

However, the introduction of the “to wine” of the concept, the ability to allow the re-emergence of traditional industries, is unknown. Rather, the rice wine to drink in the program appears to be, can be accepted by the public, is the test innovations core elements of success.

So many questions before us, why are they chosen to go there “chaos City” in Qucourenao. Having said that, I think the beverage industry tycoon Wahaha Introduction of a, that is, alcohol-related, but defined as beverages, “Wahaha protocatechuic cool beer.” That a classic Advertisement The word “you out of!”, And camera with long hair fluttering beauty who attracted a number of young consumers.

Fact, to the depth of the talk, “Wahaha beer catechu cool” leash on the two major consumer groups psychology. First, the people who love wine, this category has particularly beset crowd of drunk driving in the massive renovation operation, fear of drivers who do not have to be points for the drink, and even high-risk treatment; drink Tea That the solution of the thirst, but also passed some “alcohol.” I never know down, this “beer catechu Wahaha cool” is really alcohol component on the inside, not, it would have to say is an innovation; If so, this category may have to be baby Haha “cheated” and, even worse, the need to continue back to endure the torture suspense all day. Moreover, those who never

is the new beverage consumption groups have curiosity, advertising film and exaggeration of virtualization, enabling them to seek stimulation, and passive consumption.

Did not expect that, when singing along, but never heard the mouth of an expert, cool beer is not conducive to child development, catechu, children should be careful to drink news. It is estimated that moment was so cool beer catechu “loss of soldiers off to”, so not as good as the previous listing, is so arrogant arrogance has.

Wine have changed flavors to transform into the idea of a good drink, and industry taboo blind. Wine and drink their own particularity, it determines that they are not miscible in. And, with Wahaha beer cool this living example of protocatechuic put in that we are not able to another angle, what may also draw the point. Protocatechuic cool beer after all, is a smash hit, then the wine industry, whether this approach can guarantee the long-term, we can not foresee the future.

However, both the alcohol beverage Yehao change, beverages into wine worth mentioning. Not to impulse will destroy the entire industry. Wine industry in order to better development, we must consider is “rice wine to wine” and also called rice wine, it? Or that the “rice wine to liquor,” they must drink it? BOLA TANGKAS