Sunglasses and Wearing Them Out of the Sun

Sunglasses can be part of a person’s image as much as the clothes they wear and the accessories they carry. Some celebrity wearers of dark glasses were actually severely visually impaired but achieved the look of wearing sunglasses and looking cool, such as Ray Charles; Stevie Wonder and Ray Orbison. Others, such as Jackis Onassis and Elvis Presley just liked the statement made by wearing sunglasses and occasionally they have proved a useful anonymity and a screen to hide tired and hung over eyes!

Modern celebrities with signature sunglasses include Kate Moss; Victoria Beckham; Elton John and Catherine Zeta Jones. Many celebrities choose to wear outsizes frames with their ‘sunnies’ as they provide a neutral expression; useful when trying to deal with an invasive paparazzi.

For those who like to wear sunglasses out of the direct sunlight, reactor lenses can be a good choice; the lenses react to the light and lighten or darken accordingly. Wearing standard sun-glass lenses in a darkened environment can be inconvenient but reactor lenses can allow the wearer to see perfectly well.

When choosing sunglasses, ask specialist advice about the frames suitable for your face; for instance, people with a narrow face can look very silly in frames which stick out either side of their face. Broader faces look better in broader frames and square frames are better on people with a wide jaw line, to balance the shape.

Even if you have decided you like wearing sunglasses out of the sun, bear in mind that there will be opportunities for wear them in full sunlight and the UV filter quality of your lenses should be as good as if you wear your sunglasses in the sun permanently. Do not make the mistake of wearing poor standard, plastic lenses with no UV protection just to make a fashion statement; your eye health will suffer and you could also contract serious eye disease as a result of exposing your eyes to harmful UV rays.

Take proper care of your sunglasses and use a recommended cleaner and cleaning cloth to keep them in good condition. Setting sunglasses down on a table lens down will result in myriad scratching and damage to the lenses. Once sunglasses become scratched, they are unsuitable for wear and may damage your vision. Keep them in their case when not in use and do not handle them with greasy hands. Occasionally wash them gently and dry them thoroughly to ensure they provide long and faithful service.