Choosing The Right Sunglasses

With a wide range of designer, sports, and prescription sunglasses available you can be sure of picking the right pair every time. There are many factors to consider before making the choice of which pair to buy, though. If you need prescription sunglasses then you should ensure that any glasses you buy meet your prescription. You should also try to get a shape and design that suits your face and if youre a regular outdoor sports player then pick those sunglasses that are designed for the type of sport or activity you.

The Round Face

The round face shape is the most common and those with a round face benefit most from sunglasses that give the appearance of the face looking longer and thinner. Rectangular or narrow sunglasses are considered the most appropriate for this face type.

Other Face Shapes

The square face most often benefits from oval sunglasses while the oval face shape is free to explore virtually any style and shape of sunglasses available because the oval face will naturally and often suit any shape of glasses.

Skiing And Snowboarding

If youre heading off on a skiing holiday or youre an avid snowboarder then you should look for sunglasses that are as effective at protecting the bottom and sides of the eyes as they are the top and the centre. The sun reflects from snow and other frozen surfaces which can cause a real strain on the eyes by the end of the day.

Other Sports Sunglasses

Joggers and enthusiasts of any sport that requires running or jogging should find sunglasses that sit comfortably on the face but wrap around so that they are less likely to fall off.

There are also specialist sports sunglasses for use when playing golf, tennis, cricket and more as well as for cycling and walking. As well as how the sunglasses fit on the face, the main difference lies in the tint of the lens itself. This determines the visual clarity and quality that the wearer receives.

Designer Sunglasses

Of course, your sunglasses should look good as well, and most major designers produce at least a small selection of sunglasses. Companies like Oakley specialize in the provision of top quality sports sunglasses that offer unmistakable, good looking design too. BOLA TANGKAS