Suning “10 Days And Five Nights,” The Total Sales And Then Pan Xingao Dianqing

Suning “10 days and five nights,” General Dianqing made a great start. Suning respectively, the re-adjustment in the low price after Christmas coordinates consumer feedback.

Adjusted again after Christmas coordinate low price

End of the year end, people’s purchasing desire to reach the peak, major shopping centers sold for a final sprint at the end of a stroke. Discount, let, buy gift transform combination of various promotions to allow consumers the choice of a more diverse, in “every day there are special, always a promotion,” the business war can be considered winners of Suning Appliance promotion battle in the “outstanding” the .

“10 days and five nights,” large-scale promotion, will be Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Day, the weekend package integration, promotion activities have focused resources and efforts to give consumers the greatest strength of the feedback. Promotional activities, continuity, scalability, rhythm and more uncertain, consumers can continue to enjoy the benefits of the activity.

Learned that Suning will be adjusted again after Christmas, the low price coordinates. Flat panel TV up to 30% up none other; tens of thousands of special air conditioning prices fell by an average of 10%; 5 million buyout of 20% drop customization washing machines, refrigerators million units in the drop of color plates of 15%.

Refrigerator at home and abroad for the first time new collective appearance, comprehensive pre-Pratt & Whitney; wedding package any combination of the enjoyment of ice washed Tuangou Jia; side too, Shuaikang, boss, Siemens, Vantage sell full range of benefits, the maximum drop 30%; business phone music phone for more than 10% decline, Samsung, Nokia, Moto mobile phone brands such as preparing a rich gift, purchase mobile phones can send the memory card, Will Pan music CD, etc.; Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Kodak Digital Suning the first line of new products in the OTC , 10 million pixel digital camera will be below 2,000 yuan, at the same time upgrade accessories, gifts 512M ~ 1G memory card; computer will be launched dual-core universal storm and Plus Free Dianqing spree.

Suning Appliance anniversary promotion fully upgrade 17

12 26 17 anniversary of the establishment of Suning Appliance. After the ceremony, Suning Appliance side said 18-year-old is “adult ceremony”, which suggests that Suning will in the coming days, will bear more social responsibilities and obligations.

Suning will start the “share purchase Dianqing feedback Night”, at half past six p.m. on the 26 December Suning stores in the street will be a grand birthday PARTY, then, on behalf of major suppliers, major media, Suning member and consumer will attend the birthday party, champagne, and eat it too, buffet to start the same period, with the 17-year-old birthday Suning cheers!

Day beginning from 18:00, Suning has launched triple ceremony activities, Thanksgiving thank consumers: first, the passion Thanksgiving, Dianqing discount. Electrical goods discount hot, passionate discounts, so you buy. With Suning old invoices, purchase appliances can enjoy another 20 to 200 different benefits and additional custom gifts.

Second, the Secretary Qing Gifts, and so you are lucky. All day shopping in our company, invoice the end of the two 17’s, you can be my Secretary, celebrate a special gift.

Third Birthday Celebration, Thanksgiving feedback. All day shopping consumers into the store, if and Suning birthday the same day or wedding anniversary, get a free gift.

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