Super Watch Offering Mp3 Mp4 Player From Echinawallet

This product is an amazing device which is a combination of normal wrist watch MP3/MP4 player ,Video and Audio recorder that is hidden inside so secretly that it is hardly recognized & is excellent equipment for spy operations and entertainment device that is with you anytime anywhere .The hidden camera inside a watch is an unique idea & is reliable enough for carrying out secret mission & protect your loved ones .
The wrist watch with camera has following features:
Camera Specifications:
The China camera is a Micro Mini Video Cam which has built in Microphone for catching voice & recording it clearly from distance also .The recorded video is of high quality, which is in AMV format and the audio recorded is in WAV format. The hidden camera is of 1.3 meg pixels and comes with options for photography or video recordings..The camcorder is compatible with operating systems like ME/2000/XP Mac OS9.2.2 or above (Windows 98 is accepted).
Watch Features:
The wrist watch has the metal & glass construction. It is made up of Stainless steel that makes it tough from any wear and tear and is available in Silver color .The Mini camera is built inside the watch in such a way that it is not visible. The watch can be worn on wrist with a back clasp design . The dimensions of watch face are 42x45x10mm (W * D * H) . The display of watch supports digital display in Time , Date and Week Format , you can set up an alarm so that you never miss out any of your important schedules and always be on time.
The watch supports mp3 player and pmp4 player, namely Photography and videofunctionality .It can record videos and audio , can take still pictures ,thus can capture all your memories without any restrictions as it comes with an internal memory of 8GB . It can also be configured as an E-book reader and is also capable of reading TXT format. It can also be the source of time pass by using it for playing games, Has language selection option to choose from different languages like English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese.
Other features:
The video recording is easy with a start stop button .The start button starts the recording & camera records until memory is full or manual shut off is there. The recorded video can be plugged via high speed USB port & transferred to a system & then play on it .The watch has rechargeable built-in Lithium battery. The product has an approval from CE,FCC and comes with a warranty of 1 year .
The package contains 8GB 1.5 inch MP4 Player Watch with Camera (quantity-1), User Manual(For watch & camera operations) (quantity-1)- English, USB Cable
(quantity-1),Power Adapter , Stereo Earphones (quantity-1), Mini CD with Conversion Software (quantity-1). The package weighs 0.350kg.
The excellent watch with multiple features is available at a price of $ 64.43 only.