Supermarket Milk “buy One Get One” Baby Food Gifts Insurance Drank Detergent – Milk, Out

6 morning, Chongqing Fuling Central Hospital pediatric ward, Huang Fenghua must hold at least six days short of year-old son, aim at infusion. 3 days ago, Huang Fenghua to a supermarket to buy canned prepared the son of weaning Milk powder , Will receive a small gift for listening to milk. That night, Huang Fenghua open the small red versus son heard milk drink one, you discover that the canister is actually washing powder!

Child refused to drink the tears

2 4 7 am, Huang Fenghua Fuling neighborhood alone to love the new supermarket, Tai Hing Square, a son preparing to buy a milk weaning.

“For the first time to buy milk powder fed wanderers, wisdom for all do not know!” Huang Fenghua spent the last nearly two hundred dollars, bought a 900 g loading of the “out of a” brand milk powder, a friend recommended to her milk powder brand. This formula is a promotion, Huang Fenghua also got a small gift to listen to 300g of milk powder.

Home, the young couple in order to facilitate access to, first opened a small listening milk powder, according to the proportion of labeled instructions, fetched a tablespoon of “milk” from about 120 ml of milk against.

Huang Fenghua the bottle mouth and put the son of his mouth, his son refused to eat after a sucking. She thought the child suspected of milk too hot, so wait until after your child to drink milk cooler, the son is not happy, burst into tears.

Parental feeling surprised the couple with limited experience, and then view the milk powder, found in milk cans to open a small hearing, was inside washing powder.

Supermarket that is willing to settle

Evening, Huang Fenghua and her husband with milk and a small ticket to the supermarket cashier discussing the result, supermarkets have been closing hours, the two were dropped, and gastric lavage children to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Next day, Huang Fenghua husband Lee have found the supermarket, “next one” formula promoters recognized gifts in payment of milk powder containing detergent, and advance the treatment costs. During treatment, this promoters and friends often to the hospital to see Huang Fenghua mother.

Yesterday, the reporter also saw the name of the hospital promoters. She told reporters that he is manufacturers promoters. 4 pm, Huang Fenghua to choose milk, she was out to eat, is another formula to help her take small promoters Package Gifts, the results unfortunately her milk cans containing detergent, milk powder as a gift, get Huang Fenghua hands.

The promoters said that he normally easy to do to clean, took a customer not take away the tin, used to hold detergent, and on the shelves, so my colleagues will be conspicuously placed in the ” detergent “show it the customer.

Reporters later came to love the new supermarket, Tai Hing Square shop, shop Food Department said the supermarket has the responsibility in this matter until the child after discharge from hospital, need to settle by the consumer association compensation matters. BOLA TANGKAS