Supplements for Increase your Focus and Energy

Changing seasons, especially summer into fall, is the ideal opportunity to use your food to increase your focus and energy (It’s time to get back to school, right?). By changing your food (and the way you live) to adjust to the season, you build energy, while boosting immunity and managing your weight.


While I’m sure that sometimes you have tons of focus, I bet other times you find yourself staring into space, grumbling “isn’t it snack time yet?” or begging for “a cup of coffee”. Well, have no fear! Here are 10 easy (and good) Energy food and lifestyle ideas for more Fall Focus.


1. Radishes.

A member of the cabbage family this little veggie has tons of benefits. It helps promote digestion (good for energy and weight loss), supports the thyroid gland and keeps colds at bay. Also, an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium and magnesium; this makes it a perfect food for the transition from summer into fall.


2. Basil.

I know that most people associate this herb with summer, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, but basil is a fantastic herb to use with meat, poultry, salads and soups.What’s great about this is that (along the lines with radishes) basil helps with digestion. This is exactly what you want as your body starts to crave heavier,

warmer foods for the fall.


3. Watercress.

What greens are you eating right now? The more greens in your diet, the clearer your focus will be. Don’t be afraid to move away from salads as the weather gets cooler — your body wants the warmer food, but don’t sacrifice eating greens. Watercress is a fantastic green for the fall. Not only is it high in vitamins and minerals, but it’s own growing season extends into November making it one of the heartier greens out there.


4. Facial Pack.

It’s not just you. The weather changes and suddenly so does your skin. You find yourself distracted by strange bumps, rashes, pimples that are suddenly popping up all over. Even if you don’t have any unsightly blemishes, a facial pack will provide moisture to dehydrated summer sun skin.


Pack Mix: Mix 1 tbsp of old-fashioned oatmeal with 1 tsp. of non-fat yogurt. Blend and apply to damp skin. Massage gently for a few minutes. Rinse. Mix 1/2 tsp of wheat-germ oil with 3 tbsp of sage tea. Apply mixture while still warm. Relax for 20-30 minutes before rinsing.


5. Whey.

Need to detox from all of that summer bbq or amusement park high-sugar food? Whey contains calcium, protein, lactose, lactic acid, potassium, the B vitamins, nutritive salts, iron, phosphorous and magnesium. This Energy content makes it perfect choice for replenishing healthy bacteria to the digestive system. Be sure to seek advice about whether to purchase the sweet or sour form.


6. Body Lotion.

Our increase of showers in the summer may have had our bodies clean and smelling sweet, but also robbed of our natural oils and moisture. Usually to compensate for the loss of oil the body produces more of it which can lead to enlarged pores and other problems. To prevent loss of oil after bathing or showering, pat dry instead of rubbing and use an all natural (no perfumes, chemicals or dyes) body lotion. Your skin will be properly moisturized and your body energized as it won’t need to be fighting throughout the day to try to cleanse and detox all of those factory made lotion ingredients.


7. Apples.

This is a loaded fall fruit: potassium, phosphorous, iron, calcium, magnesium – you name it! The double secret and extra benefit of this fruit is that it can prevent constipation and control diarrhea. It knows exactly what your body needs!


An Energy Tip: keep apples crisp by storing them in a perforated plastic bag in a cool place.

8. Nuts.

Energy production takes place at the cellular level. Shift in the seasons can affect the body’s absorption of vitamins and nutrients. If you are feeling an energy drop as we move into fall, you must listen to your body! Do not try to “up” yourself with caffeine, sugar and other stimulants. This just makes matters worse. Use walnuts and almonds in moderation to give you a steady stream of energy.


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9. Kneipp Therapy – aka Water Therapy.

German priest Sebastian Kneipp developed the water therapy system that bares his name and is used in spas around the world. Kneipps main moto is: “Inactivity weakens, exercise strengthens, excess harms.” If you find yourself less active as we move into fall and specifically having less contact with water you can try this quick, easy, at-home technique to increase blood flow, stimulate metabolism, even out mood and boost immunity. Use a shower head or hand held faucet spray. Direct a very cold stream of jet water onto the bridge of the nose for 1 minute. Then switch to warm water for 2 minutes. Finally, back to cold for 1 minute.


10. When all else fails, relax …

If you find you are tenser or more irritable with weather changes, some form of relaxation may ease your overall mood and stabilize your energy and focus. Try yoga, tai chi, reflexology or feldenkreis. The most important thing is to find whatever proves to be relaxing to you and besure to incorporate it into your week.