Surprise?11 of the skin killers are all common foods

Surprise!11 of the skin killers are all common food



In our daily life, you may not be aware of the hidden skin killer around us, which can make you become old and ugly. Moreover, many of them are common food. Just as the food as follows:


1. bubble gum

Though the natural rubber in the bubble gum is non-toxic, there are some additives such as vulcanization accelerator, antioxidant and other additives which are toxic in some degree. Therefore, it would be adverse to our body if you eat too much bubble gum.


2. freshly squeezed orange juice with sugar

The energy in the orange added with sugar is higher than soft drinks, so I recommend you to eat raw fruits.


3. preserved eggs

There is a certain amount of lead in the preserved eggs, which may cause lead poisoning. The performances of lead poisoning are insomnia, anemia, hyperactive, mental decline, etc.


4. bean curd with odor

During the process of the curd’s fermentation, it could easily be contaminated by microorganism. It can also decompose the albumin in our body, so it is harmful to human beings.


5. monosodium glutamate

The total amount of monosodium glutamate we intake per day should not more than 6 grams. The excessive intake would increase the level of glutamic acid in the blood, which would limit our use of calcium and magnesium, and it also has adverse effects on human’s reproduction system.


6. sunflower seeds

There is unsaturated fatty acids in the sunflower seeds, too much of which would seriously affect the function of liver cells.


7. pork liver

There is more than 400mg cholesterol per 1kg pork liver, take too much cholesterol can cause atherosclerosis, so we should not eat too much pork liver per time.


8. pickles

Long-term intake pickles would delay the stay of sodium and water in the body, which would increase the risk of heart disease. Besides, there is carcinogen in the pickles which can cause cancer.


9. popcorn

The content of lead in the popcorn is as high as 10mg per 500 grams, which is harmful to human body’s hematopoietic system, nervous and digestive system, especially for children.


10.  fried breadstick

The alumen in the fried breadstick is a kind of aluminum-containing inorganic substance. If you eat fried breadstick everyday, it would be difficult for the aluminum in your body to be discharged from the kidney. Too much aluminum in the body would contaminate the brain and nerve cells, what was worse, it may cause senile dementia.


11.  coffee

The coffee contains much caffeine, which would flow with the blood as soon as been taken into body, and it would reach each apparatus in five minutes, speed up the blood vessels’ metabolism, the content of acid urine would increase.


Summary: some of the common food around us may be the hidden killer of your skin.


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