Suspected to have been cloned fruit orange Lianhua Supermarket retail giant also play “cottage”? – Fruit orange, Coca-Cola – Food In

You had in large supermarkets supermarket own-made cottage products? Consumer He Ping, Hangzhou (a pseudonym) has recently encountered such a ridiculous thing, Hangzhou Century Lianhua Supermarket where he “accidentally” bought a lot like the United States on the source of fruit juice orange “Lianhua” version of fruit orange, he flew journalists to a report reflecting BEIJING. Lianhua Supermarket News to larger rating consumer products that are cottage huyou When do drink

He Pingping Juice . Every time I go the supermarket, he would Shunshou Na bottle of Minute Maid’s orange fruit, out the door and unscrew the cap on his head and drink. But few days ago, he suddenly found that the taste of fruit juice and usually not the same … …

“Tastes like sugar, but also somewhat astringent, and drank a little tongue Ma Ma’s.”

Mr. He raised the bottle in hand, closer inspection will find yourself buying a bottle of “knockoff”: hand this bottle of orange fruit looks and “original” Maid Maid products are very similar but it’s trademark name of Century Lianhua.

“I want as big a supermarket bar total Buzhi Yu false, implying a Maid and the joint launch of Lianhua Supermarket?” But try the second port of Mr. He immediately denied his guess, “This taste a cottage too. “

Reporters after receiving the report reflects the rush of Hangzhou Century United Huaqing Chun store on the second floor Beverages Counter, saw Mr. He said the two brands of orange fruit: the same bottle shape, especially outside Package Plastic Feathery background of the same paper, same with orange as the main picture, or even describe the difference between the statement and only 4 words, the U.S. source of fruit juice orange is written, “Ortega soft flesh to take the sun, taste mellow,” while Another writing is “to take the new Orange Ortega soft fruit pulp, rich taste.” But the “cottage version” orange fruit is not “Maid” message and replace it with the top left corner trademarks of Century Lianhua.

“‘Original’ and ‘cottage’ in the bottle shape is almost identical, but also next to put together, I did not look carefully, relying on readily took out a bottle.” Q. He told BEIJING reporters.

Trade and Industry said that the injured party has not received a report

Reporter interviewed on the matter under the Trade and Industry Bureau of Hangzhou City branch of the 12 315 staff and a primary business is the person in charge. They said this is an infringement, it is not easy to say, the best source of fruit for the U.S. orange juice manufacturers that Coca-Cola The company came forward to report their own, but so far there has not yet received their complaints in this regard.

Delicious Coke : If the cause mistake, were arrested for counterfeiting

Maid fruit juice orange as Coca-Cola’s products, press immediately linked to the Coca-Cola’s Hangzhou extraction Food Limited external sector, a male answered the phone said his staff also introduced similar to the Century Mart Maid orange fruit orange fruit drinks and knowledge. But he also said that the packaging of Coca-Cola products are usually patent applications, as a result of the two sides look similar to the errors caused by misidentification of consumers buy, then the other suspects are counterfeit Coca-Cola products.

Reporter then call the Century Lianhua Lianhua Supermarket Co., Ltd. which was the headquarters office of a female staff member said that his company’s products and Coca-Cola is different and there is no mistake from happening.

However, in the Century Lianhua Supermarket’s drink at the counter were asked about a dozen past customers, including more than half the customers did not recognize at first glance, this bottle of drink is not on their common Maid orange fruit, which Most customers have indicated the possibility of misidentification.

Health permit? May forget to standard

“Just ‘cottage’ no problem, but this bottle of orange fruit with health permit number on the packaging did not,” Mr. He also told BEIJING reporters, “do not mind people drinking practical.