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“The occasion of the year is the spring”, spring, awakening with audio and video industry, major companies are eagerly celebrate the fiscal year arrogant, I believe that 2009 is different from the situation of some 08

2009 year in January with New Year’s celebration with the noise of colorful Chinese New Year passed, will 08 at the end of the world economic crisis brought a lot of panic eased, sprinkling trip was fun drunk over Mainland. A winter slumber Video Market breath of smell is gradually waking up in spring, shows off the different and amazing in 2008. Year of new weather, is not false, in the 2008 year-end conclusion, we found Headset In 2008 actually favored staggering, the trend of the year it is 08 degrees to the supply, whether from interest or buy, actually 3 data were shifted by the incredible fire impressive. In 2009, began the new year, competing for a new round of industry are also not polite behind. In January, the price war, war and other promotional hit very loud, audio-visual market opening in 2009 and last year it also has striking similarities? It still continued in 2008 to hundreds of times? No answer, of course, bullish 09 Dashun How can Johnson out on bullish, people underestimate.

“The occasion of the year is the spring”, spring, awakening with audio and video industry, major companies are eagerly celebrate the fiscal year arrogant, I believe that 2009 is different from the situation of some 08, let’s take a look in 2009 HC video market in January beginning of a new bullish market trend bar. Concerned about the unabated heat pride

headset, digital photo frame into a New Aspect.

2009 1 HC Top of concern about the audio-visual market products


the photo in January the main audio-visual audio-visual products market of the degree of concern. The figure shows, by the attention, the top 10 products are: ear headset, digital photo frame, Washer , Sound , Amplifier , MP3 / MP4 , Projectors, accessories, conference microphone, home theater. Ranking from the product, we can clearly find the headset 08 in mid-air when summing up the ranks first, while in 2009 of January it is still high above, sit tight in the top spot, we can see its popularity of self-evident. Together in January across two of the most important traditional festival for family friends gifts, portable compact headset with its wide range of trendy fashion favorite to win it, so no lack of concern on those who continue to favor the. The figure above we have an unexpected discovery, digital photo frame is not always linked to the rankings, but actually in January miraculously pushed the second place, is really gratifying. Visiting friends and relatives over the New Year Spring Festival, the festival left in the precious memories precious images, in this era of high technology electronic, digital photo frame of course very naturally a great concern. It came in third place, should the number of disc players, and disc players in 2008 has been a hot point of concern, a series of major industry and has been a hot discussion of the reorganization, an uncertain future. Regardless of supply and demand situation, but it’s name or Steal sensitive eyeballs. I hope that in 2009 the washer industry to have a new breakthrough. Second, we can see at the back of the order is sound, amplifier, MP3/MP4 … … the situation in 2008 have performed well this month still maintained their advantage, one of the top 10, shows off the power. In addition, we found that in 2008 the year concluded, no rafts ranking conference microphone here is out there, came in the ninth. New Year Spring Festival is a festival carnival, so the size of area and unit of New Year’s Day party, Spring Festival Party have put on the agenda, good or bad actors acting with the program’s success in addition to my own hardware accounted for a large part of the factors, particularly the most able to communicate emotional vocal microphone in this special day to be highly concerned about the up and the sudden emergence of so it is logical. BOLA TANGKAS
Kaoma – Lambada (Official Video) 1989 HD

The full-screen video of the worldwide #1 smash hit record from 1989. Kaoma – The Lambada (also known as Llorando se fue).

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