Symptoms, Causes and Risks of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer depends on the type by how it is initiated i.e. in the lobules or ducts. As per the study reveals 15% of breast cancer is accounted by medullary carcinoma. Actually on can define breast cancer as a cancer which forms in the tissues of the breast which comprises mainly of ducts (these are the tubes which carry milk towards the nipple) and lobules (glands that produce milk).this cancer can be found in both types of gender i.e. in male and female. However, a case of male breast cancer is found quite rare. Below are illustrated some common symptoms of breast cancer.


If one acknowledges the symptoms of a particular disease at the initial stages, then its cure becomes quite easy and hence it saves life. The treatment options are enhanced as chances of survival increases.

It is usually carried by a thickening of lump in the armpit or breast.

There may be an inadequate change in the shape and size of the breast.

The nipple is discharged.

The texture and color of skin around the areola (dimpling and puckering) changes.

The main concern comes when there is frequent flow of blood from the breasts. However in almost every case one must try to evacuate the breast discharge.

Certain change in the nipple shape and there are cases when the nipple sinks in to the breast and hence there is regularity in its shape.

A frequent discharge of blood stain from the nipple.
There are subsequent rashes and on the nipple and its surrounding area.


Age: Age is an important factor in determining the risks of breast cancer as a woman gets older the chances of occurring of breast cancer increases. Generally women who are above 60 years of age are highly affected by breast cancer.

Personal history: A woman who is already suffering from breast cancer in her single breast has increased chances of developing the same in the other breast as well. Almost 12.5% of women ranging between age limits around 45 show positive results in breast cancer diagnoses, however in case of women older than 55 the chances increase and are around 66.7% approximately.


Surgery: Here the important aspect lies on removing the cancerous tissues by analyzing it by its hormonal status, size, grade and possible metastasis.

Breast Reconstruction: Breast can be reconstructed by choosing the best plastic surgeon. while doing mastectomy or later on. Surgeon uses saline-filled implants to bring breasts in natural form