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Reform and opening up fertile breeding
Reform and opening, Radio Industry, a lot of great changes, “The most important is the network, digital, tapeless.”

Now non-linear editing has become Video Produced by the mainstream, rather than the compilation video post-production areas of the network gave an enormous flying. From the use of model point of view, the last non-compilation is accomplished by a single operator, single operator often results in poor stability of the system, the network resource constraints, processes, red tape and so on. With the rapid development of broadcasting technology, Nonlinear Editing System Have achieved the network, and not only avoid the disadvantages of stand-alone operation, but also on the program post-production process was optimized to improve the efficiency of program production.

From the program storage medium for use by the previous tape storage media has evolved into the hard disk, CD, P2 cards and other digital storage medium, realizes the nonlinear material storage.

On synchronous technology Beijing synchrotron Technology Co., Ltd. was established in February 2005, engaged in radio and television as a professional product development and systems integration company, Synchronous Technology has been committed to the professional AV products IT Research and development of applications, efforts to explore in-depth IT technology and systems used in AV products, thereby driving the system more stable, more flexible, cost-effective, the use of more humane, and has better scalability special hardware and software products for different users and different application environments, provide effective solutions and professional technical services.

Synchronization technology has fully independent intellectual property rights acquisition, production, broadcasting, storage, management, integration solutions, including pre-site photography management, editing upload material, Studio Broadcast process control, hard drive broadcasting system, the preparation for the late non-network and media asset management and a series of complete IT-based full network application technology solutions can be applied easily and effectively TV station , Audio-visual production unit, education and training systems, web sites are all fields of AV applications.

Synchronous Technology has strong research and development, R & D team by a group composed of broadcast industry veteran who once worked for the teaching at the famous enterprises and domestic well-known universities, with solid expertise and extensive product experience understanding of user needs originality. AV products adhering to IT-based product concept, synchronous technology changes the conventional video and audio products, technology tools and operating models to hardware and software for the purpose, AV equipment, IT into the core technology for users with high-quality products and systems.

Synchronization technology, the first major success stories is the securities information channel CCTV digital program production and broadcasting system, after the company has its Cooperation Completed the relocation and securities information channel structures 400 square meters studio. Cooperation enables the company several times and the channel established friendly relations of cooperation. CCTV security information channel in the construction project, the synchronization built its post-production network, video network management system using its general management, and also uses the company’s non-destructive delay broadcast system, dynamic insertion system, multi-Channel News Record Editing System, a virtual background system complete system integration facility. CCTV security applications of information channels simultaneously driven the development of ideas, the company’s product concept into a reality.

Synchronization technology now beginning to enter the field of education, the past few years, we have according to different user needs a more integrated products, such as delay system more powerful, user demand for a solution grew stronger , we summed up by the previous cases had more market experience and new ideas, make a series of new products.

Future redouble our efforts
As people’s living standards improve, the development of science and technology, entertainment market has become richer in content, culture, markets began to prosper, TV programs, channel more and more rich, a large number of digital channels, Satellite Channels such as the continuing mushrooming. BOLA TANGKAS