Systems of Racking and Shelving

Applying for all types of storage purposes, Racking and Shelving keep workshop, production areas and warehouses clean and tidy. Furthermore, they play an important role in saving room for workshop floor and enhancing work production. These types of systems are able to provided in kit form, or the racking and shelving provider will supply and construct them in some cases.


Shelving solutions can include, heavy duty shelving, heavy duty racking, and heavy duty storage, and some suppliers may focus on a particular type of racking and shelving ie: motorized tracking system, which enables more efficient storage by using mobile racking and shelving systems.


There are many racking and shelving systems  available for office use, industrial use, and catering use to mention just a few, and whatever  requirements are needed, there is always a solution available. 


Some storage systems can include;

Long span shelving/racking
Boltless shelving
Pallet racking
Garage shelving
Workshop boxes
Cantilever racking
Industrial shelving
Display shelving


Heavy duty shelving offers a cost effective warehouse racking system for all bulk storage and shelving requirements. The heavy duty industrial steel shelving  bays are ideal for racking large areas, and can be tailored to maximise storage space, and  most systems are available in popular sizes.


Display retail shelving are made from top quality metal, and units offer robust and flexible store merchandising. Many of these systems are available in kit form and are very easy to erect, whilst larger and more sophisticated systems for bigger applications will require specialized fitting.


Double and single cantilever racks are strong and easy to build, and many cantilever racking frames are based on modular bays and fittings to provide cost effective storage of long and awkward items.


HEALTH & SAFETY for shelving and racking.

If the height to depth ratio of steel shelving or racking is more than 4:1 then the steel shelving or racking must be secured to the floor or wall.
Before using any kick steps or step stools without a support handle, it is essential that you carry out your own Health & Safety Risk Assessment.