Taba and Taba Heights – Travel Tips

With the pound at an all time low against the euro. Many people are looking further away than their traditional holiday favourites such as Spain or Greece. To destinations outside the eurozone . And have decided this year to explore further afield to less expensive destinations such as Turkey, Bulgaria, and Egypt.

Most holidaymakers have heard of, or know someone who has visited Marmaris in Turkey,Sharm el Sheik in Egypt or even Sunny beach in Bulgaria.But all these countries have lesser known but equally attractive resorts. One of these is the resort of Taba which also includes nearby Taba heights on the Red sea riviera, Egypt.

Taba and Taba heights are fairly new resorts that consist of large resort hotels such as the the Hilton, Sheraton and Movenpick.

There is very little to do outside the resort hotels just a few shops, restaurants plus a championship golf course and a free shuttle bus that runs between the hotels.. But slowly and surely more shops and restaurants are opening up each year.

So if you enjoy lazing by the pool or on the beach with your family and friends, and a quiet drink of an evening this is the ideal place for you. If you have visited Egypt before, but were put off by the constant hassle of touts and beggars. Taba will seem like a breath of fresh air.

But if you ever tire of the laid back lifestyle, as even the most tired and stressed amongst us do after four or five days of total relaxation. Taba offers some of the best excursion destinations you could wish for. World famous cities, such as Cairo for the pyramids, and the old city of Jerusalem, plus the ancient sites of Luxor where you can visit the Valley of the Kings. Or why not visit the incredible lost city of Petra. These are all long full day excursions. But ones that you will never ever forget.

Closer to Taba is the Israeli resort of Eilat, and last but not least, the incredible Saint Catherines monastery built at the foot of mount Sinai. This is where Moses saw the burning bush, and you can see and touch its modern day descendant. The monastery dates back to when Egypt was a Christian country.

So if you would like to try something different this year. Why not give Taba a try.