Table Tennis Tips for Beginners

So, you have purchased new ping-pong equipment, you have watched several videos for help with your technique, and you have attended competitions to learn as much as you can from watching better players.  What happens when you play your first competition?  Does everything fall into place, or does it just fall apart?

No matter how many table tennis tips you get as a beginner, you may find that everything just flies out the window when you are facing your first serious opponent.  It is actually quite normal and natural, even when you have all of your swing techniques down.  The problem is that you have played table tennis in a controlled environment, and now you are facing the skills and techniques of someone entirely new.

Of course, nerves can also have a lot to do with it.  During your warm up time, you should be sure to take plenty of cleansing breaths to keep your head clear and focused.  Nerves can wreak havoc on any game, no matter how experienced the player.  Keep in mind that your opponent is probably nervous, too, but he or she may have more experience with working through those nerves.  

When you’re standing at the ready and waiting for the serve, call up all of your table tennis tips, including the swings and returns that you have learned, and run through everything one more time.  Keeping all of your attacks and returns in mind just before beginning will make it easier to call upon them when you need them during the game.  Shake things up a bit, and use different combinations of your hits during the game.  

Just remember, too, that everyone must start somewhere.  You have to decide if you are going to play it safe or be aggressive, and you should practice that way at all times.  Your playing style shouldn’t change once you are in front of your opponent, so be sure that you are comfortable with the techniques that you have chosen.  You can change your tactics according to who is in control, but trying to change your style can be detrimental.

No matter how many tournaments you have played, it is important to always return to basics.  Keep an eye out for new table tennis tips at all times, and even order training videos and books to keep on top of your game.  If you are serious about playing table tennis, then you should never stop learning.

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