Tainted Water Found Near Crested Butte Mine Site

State health inspectors have found cadmium, aluminum, zinc and other contamination at levels up to 32 times higher than water-quality standards in a creek at a mine in western Colorado just as regulators consider a major new project there. A Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment “compliance advisory” orders site owner U.S. Energy Corp. to clean up the contamination at the Mount Emmons mine near Crested Butte.
But a watchdog group says Cadmium Mining regulators have not collected required bond money from the company to guarantee a cleanup if U.S. Energy can’t do the job.
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. State health department water-quality officials “expect to hear from (U.S. Energy) by next week. That’ll help us decide how we proceed,” water quality director Steve Gunderson said. “Our expectation is that they fix the problem.”
State law requires companies to post a bond to cover cleanup costs.
State regulators collected $ 518,277 from U.S. Energy but that is not for water treatment, which falls within the purview of other agencies, state natural resources spokesman Todd Hartman said.
That amount “wouldn’t even make a dent” if the company failed to do the job, said Jeff Parsons, senior attorney of the Western Mining Action Project.
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