Takagi Bathtubs Are the Best Type of Japanese Soaking Tub

Takagi bathtubs are a trusted brand of Japanese style bathtub which is very deep and available in a wide variety of styles and materials. These tubs have been in use for hundreds of years and many consider them to be the ultimate way to soak in a nice hot bath to soothe sore muscles. They are available in both more traditional styles that are made from wood, and more modern alternatives made from materials such as fiberglass.  Although they are have been difficult to find outside of Japan in the past, they have caught on in popularity in Western cultures.

One of the main reasons why people are interested in these tubs is due to their compact size. You can find a Takagi tub in whichever size best fits the size of your bathroom, and it is even possible to have one custom made if you prefer. Although they are smaller in size, averaging dimensions of about 5×5, they are small enough to fit in the tiniest of bathrooms. Being roughly 28 inches deep it is still possible for you to soak your entire body comfortably which is a huge advantage over standard American tubs which can be impossible for an adult to fit in.

There are many interesting features to Takagi bathtubs that make them so much different from the other options out there. For example, most models are not built with an overflow drain to prevent the water from going up over the sides. For this reason they should be installed on a waterproof floor with a drain to prevent you from getting water damage in your home. The more traditional models are also built with high quality woods such as yellow cedar, teak, or Hinoki.

If you choose a freestanding Takagi tub for your home, then you have many different options when it comes to finding a location for it. You can place them indoors or even outside if you choose. If you do choose to place it outside of your home, just be certain that you choose a place that is in the shade as the sun could cause damage to the wood exterior.

One popular option that is becoming popular is having Takagi bathtubs outfitted with jets so they produce the same therapeutic benefits as a Western style hot tub.  The only drawback, besides the added cost, is that this requires extra plumbing as well. There are many other add-ons you may be interested in as well such as digital control panels, automatic timers, thermostat controlled water temperature and more. If you are not certain which type would be best for you, it is a good idea to visit the bathroom fixture showroom closest to you so you can have a better idea of what’s available.