“take” To Be More Disease To Slow Aging

When to start from the old? How to eat to live longer? Food also has character? Different physical persons should ye make?

To be more slow aging
In recent years, therapeutic health swept the country, the proliferation of a variety of health words, let the people hard to determine authenticity. People are eager to hear the voice of authoritative experts.

Organ old age of 20
Talked about anti-aging, we must first look at the body organ they started aging: the aging brain and lung 20 years old; skin of 25-year-old age; hair began to fall off 30 years of age; bone, breast, began 35 years old; kidney, prostate 50 age aging; hearing around age 55 years; taste and smell of 60-year-old began to degenerate; bladder began 65 years old; the liver begin to age 70 years. Anti-aging medicine is to maintain a balance between yin and yang, qi and blood, spleen and stomach. Fast pace of modern life cause a lot of people plagued by a variety of diseases and sub-health, diet can make while enjoying delicious, received drug treatment with the dual effect of food and nutrition, the “Medicinal and Edible.”

Cold and heat and cool salty
Therapeutic regimen, we must first understand the different nature of each food taste, and the “sex” and “taste” combine to make them play a more rational, more scientific effect.

Different physical persons and fill method different
Tonic the same, why do some people receive a good effect, while others not only did not take effect, or even counterproductive? This is because there are physical differences between individuals, Tonic to vary due to physical.

Yang and eat cold food usually cold body, limbs not warm, hi, hot food, lack of energy, pale lips, hair and easy off, easy to sweat. Should be more moderate consumption of food, Shensi cold or the nature of fruits and vegetables cold.

Yin and more slender body shape to avoid spicy, hot hand-foot center, usually easy to dry mouth and throat, thirst-hi cold, dry stool, urine and less. Ching consumption of goods should not eat more sticky thing, Shensi spicy things. Away from the greasy body language deficiency usually low mood, shortness of breath lazy words, body easy fatigue, lack of energy, spontaneous sweating, dizziness, forgetfulness. To qi-based diet, eat less gas consumption of the goods, avoid damp, greasy, Atsumi food.

Focuses on more than physical body iron deficiency weight loss, pale or sallow complexion, easy palpitation, palpitations, insomnia, face, eyelids, lips and a lack of blood, the skin dry. To blood-based diet, eat more iron-containing foods, fasting fatness and greasy fried things in Hong dry.

36 species a day to eat the best food
Thirty-six kinds here is not to say that we should be so much, but that we should not eat too monotonous, whole grains, eat to be healthy.