Taking A Look Back On The Call Center Industry Of The Philippines

How did the call center industry of the Philippines become successful? According to many industry experts, the call center industry of the Philippines is todays largest provider of call center services in the International market, placing the Philippines as the call center capital of hub of the world.

But did you know that the industry wasnt even a provider of
Outsource Call Center services in the past? Though the industry was already known as a group of third-party companies, their services are mainly made up of email response and managing services.

The First Call Center Industry
According to industry experts, the call center industry was first known as a provider of email management in the Philippines. Although many businesses were keen to outsource this specific task to professional third-party companies, the industry wasnt as successful until a few of these agencies started to offer new services that aim to improve a business customer relation services. This is with call center services.

Founding of the Industry
Because of its usefulness compared to email management, the market had shifted its demands for call center solutions which had eventually outpaced that of email management. This demand then led to the growth of third-party companies in the Philippines, which are now mostly known as call center companies and agencies. This growth prompted the start of the call center industry of the Philippines.

Expansions and Evolutions of the Industry
What made the industry more popular and in-demand in the market is because of the industrys continuous evolution to provide the best customer relation services for different businesses of different markets.

A popular example of a call center service that became popular in the Philippines is Order taking service, which is aimed to offer small and medium businesses, such as restaurants, the chance to outsource their call center needs. Eventually, the call center industry had evolved to include almost every type of customer relation services such as customer care, technical support,
Order taking services, reservation services, travel services, and other popular business-to-business services.

Expansion to the World Market
Other than expanding in the Philippines, the industry had also reached the world market due to the fact that many foreign investors had started to visit the Philippines to either outsource their call center needs to local call center companies and agencies or to start their own call center services which eventually led to the growth of the industry in the world market.

The Call Center Capital of the World
The Philippines main competitor in the world market is India. However, due to the fact that Filipinos are known for their fluency in English, as well as the countrys lesser operation and labor cost, the call center industry of the Philippines became even more popular among many foreign investors until the country had outpaced India as the call center capital of the world in terms of workforce.